8 Day 6

☆♪☆♪☆ Lucy's POV ☆♪☆♪☆

Yesterday, I revealed my feelings for Natsu. After being released and able to speak what I want, I fainted. When I woke up, I was in my bed.

I walk into the guild and see Natsu waving at me. He walks up to me and hugs me. My face turns red like a tomato.

He lets go and says, "Let's go on a date"

"Right now?" I say in shock.

"Yeah" He looks at me with puppy eyes, waiting for an answer.

"Why not?" If I have two more days to live I might as well live my life to the fullest.

As we're walking through town, I see Lisanna

and Bickslow together. Looks like she didn't have any trouble finding someone else. She notices me and starts walking towards me. She probably just going to insult me again.

"I'm sorry" See I tol- Wait. WHAT!? Did she just say sorry!?

"...what?" I question her.

"I said I'm sorry!" Once she says that, she goes back to Bickslow. I saw her face and it was red. It must have took a lot of courage to say that. I smile at her to express that I forgive her. She blushes and quickly walks away dragging Bickslow with her.

"Good for you" Natsu says while petting my head.

"Yeah...By the way, why did you want to go on a date so suddenly?" I ask him.

"What? I can't spend time with my girlfriend?" Girlfriend.. I blush slightly at the reference.

"...I guess not"

We walk around town and buy some food and drinks for a picnic. We sit under a tree in the park and lay out the food.

After eating, we lie down and look at the sky. I used Natsu's arm as a pillow and snuggle close to him. We stay like that for a while until Natsu speaks.

"Natsu...I have something to tell you" I say

"What is it?"

"I'm...I'm cursed"

"W-what do you mean?"

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"I'm going to die soon" Natsu stays silent.

"...I need some time to think" Natsu walks away leaving me alone. I go back home wondering if I should've told him.

As I regret telling him, Natsu appears from my window


"Natsu!? What are you doing here?"

"I will definitely find a way to save you. Then we can be together. Forever. "


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