7 Day 5

☆♪☆♪☆ Lucy's POV ☆♪☆♪☆ (Morning)

Ugh! I don't want to go to the guild! Just thinking of yesterday just makes me- My face turns a deep red. 'I'm going to make you mine' I squeal in embarrassment.

(Time Skip)

In the end, I forced myself to stop by the guild. I now stand in front of the guild, hesitating. Should I go in? Ughh!! Why did I come here?! Forget it. I'm going home. I turn only to see Erza.

"What's wrong, why aren't you going in?" She says.

"N-nothing!" I turn back around and walk inside. I could feel the stares directed towards me as I walk in. I want to go home...

I look around and notice that Natsu wasn't here yet. I sigh in relief and walk over to the bar.

"Everyone has been talking about you and Natsu a lot" Mira says from behind the counter.

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"Yeah, I noticed. I wish Natsu didn't do that in front of everyone"

Mira giggles and returns to her work. I fiddle around with my drink until I hear the guild doors open. It was Natsu and Happy.

Natsu walks up to me, smiling like a idiot.

"Mornin' Lucy!"

"What the hell to do you want?" Huh? Why did I say that?

"What's wrong? Are you in a bad mood or somethin'?"

"Get away from me. You're so annoying" Why am I saying this?!

"Oh, then I'll be over there" No! Natsu, I didn't mean to say those things! Natsu walks away looking dejected.

I approach Natsu, and try to apologize for what I said but it didn't exactly happen the way I wanted to. Instead of saying "I'm sorry", I said "I hate you so don't talk to me anymore".

After saying that, I snapped out of a trance-like state and ran out of the guild. I wandered around until I saw a fountain and decided to take a short break from running. I wonder what made say those things. Aha! It must be the curse. But why only Natsu?

Suddenly, someone pops up in front of me and grabs my shoulders.

"No matter what you say or do to chase me away, I'll always come back until you're mine and mine forever" says Natsu.

I hear a chain breaking and I could finally say what I wanted to:

"I'm sorry and I love you"

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