6 Day 4

☆♪☆♪☆ Natsu's POV ☆♪☆♪☆ (Last Scene from Day 3)

Natsu stood there for a few seconds.

"Wait....what?" Natsu stood still. "Was I just rejected?"

☆♪☆♪☆ Lucy's POV ☆♪☆♪☆(Back to present)

I stand in front of the guild as the events that happened yesterday play over in my mind. Why did I say that yesterday!? I'm such an idiot! How do I face him?

As I'm thinking someone comes up from behind me.

"What are you standing here for?" It was Gray. "Come on let's go inside" he pulls he along as he walks in. I look around the guild but Natsu wasn't there. I let out a sigh of relief.

But I couldn't stay relaxed. Just as I take a seat, I see Natsu walk in. Our eyes met for a second but I quickly looked away. I slowly turned my head back to look at Natsu. He was fighting with Gray. Again. How can he act normally after what happened yesterday? Does he actually like me?

☆♪☆♪☆ Natsu's POV ☆♪☆♪☆

I stand in front the guild. It was the day after I got rejected. You can do this Natsu! Just act like nothing happened!

I walk inside and notice Lucy looking at me. I smile at her but she already turned her head the other way. My heart sinks and my chest tightens.

I see Gray up ahead. Maybe a little fight will help me distract myself from Lucy.

☆♪☆♪☆ Gray's POV ☆♪☆♪☆

"Hey! You're in my way!" I hear a certain flame-brain say.

"Whad'ja say you bastard!?" I say while walking towards him. I throw a punch at him but, surprisingly he didn't dodge. My fist made contact with his face and he flew a few feet back. Something's wrong.....

I grab Natsu by the back of his collar and drag him to a part of the guild where there were very little people. "Come with me"

"Hey! Let me go!" Natsu said as he thrashed his arms around.

"What happened?"

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"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"Something happened to you yesterday and I'm going to find out"

"...me" Natsu mumbled.

"Say it again"

"Lucy rejected me" I broke out in laughter.

"So that's what got you down? She rejected you. So what?"

"What d'ja mean 'so what'?" Natsu shouted at me.

"Just make her fall in love with you"

Natsu grins and starts walking away.

"You owe me one!" I yelled.

☆♪☆♪☆ Lucy's POV ☆♪☆♪☆

I'm talking with Levy when Natsu walks up to me.

"Lucy Heartfilia, I'm going to make you mine. No matter what it takes." My face turns bright red. What is he doing!? Doing such an embarrassing thing in front of everybody!

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