3 Day 2

♪☆♪☆♪ Lucy's POV ♪☆♪☆♪

I sit at a table upstairs and start reading some books I found in the library about curses.

Turn people in frogs, make people obedient, make people.....if I break this curse I have to remember to learn some of these and use it I'm some people. There be aren't any curses involving love though.....

"You look troubled" I look up and see Erza walking towards me.

"Erza....do I look troubled?"

"You know you can tell us anything. We're family" I laugh and notice Erza with a confused face.

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"What you just said is so similar to what Gray said yesterday." Erza smiled.

"What are you looking at?" Erza pointed at the book in my hands.

"This book about curses. It has some things that would be useful."

"I didn't know you were into occult" That's not really why I'm reading these books but I'll let them think that for now... "Me, Natsu, and Gray are going on a job. You coming?"

"It's fine. I haven't had much time to read lately. Have Lisanna come with you"

"Okay then" I watched Erza walked downstairs to Natsu and Gray and noticed Lisanna following them out the door.

As I turned my head, I saw Natsu turn around and look at me. I blush a quickly look at my book. Our eyes met!

♪☆♪☆♪ Natsu's POV ♪☆♪☆♪

As I left the guild, I turn around and spot Lucy on the second floor watching us leave. I smile at her but she already turned her head. I was leaving and notice that Lucy was blushing. Cute.....Wait! What am I thinking?! I have Lisanna!

♪☆♪☆♪ Erza's POV ♪☆♪☆♪

We were all heading back to Magnolia after we finished our job. Lisanna sat next to Natsu, trying to comfort him during the carriage ride and I sat next to Gray.

"Hey Gray, did you notice anything weird with Lucy latey?"

"No. But, she did seem to be worried about something" I pondered and tried to remember anything unusual about her. Everything seemed fine earlier...

"I wonder what it is. She was down earlier too..."

"I don't know, she wouldn't tell me anythine"

"Me neither"....

♪☆♪☆♪ Lucy's POV ♪☆♪☆♪

After dinner, I remove the bandages around my arm. I touch the seal (A/N: The clock-like mark) and remember what happened this morning...


"Ow!" My arm suddenly startes throbbing as I was walking to the guild. The pain lasted for a while and it faded. It hurt a lot more than yesterday and lasted longer too...

I remove the bandages and saw that the the hand moved. It looked like a piece of a symbol. (A/N: Look at the media for a better idea of what it looks like)

Is it going to be more painful everyday?


I lie down on my bed a stare at the seal.

" 'The clock marks the time until you death' huh? Maybe if I get rid of the seal?.....But it might appear again somewhere else...."

I sigh and get ready to sleep. Right before I fell asleep, I whipspered something to myself:

'I hope it's just my arm that will be hurt.....'

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