2 Day 1

♪☆♪☆♪ Lucy's POV ♪☆♪☆♪

(The morning after)

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I opened my eyes to the rays of sunshine coming through my window. What a weird dream that was! I'd better take a shower and head to the guild. I take off my clothes and step into the shower.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain on my arm. As the pain went away, I looked down at my arm. There was a mark( well, more like a tattoo) in the shape of a clock except there weren't any numbers and there was only one hand. The hand pointed at where the 12 should be.

As I finsh inspecting the mark, the skull showed up again.

"..the clock...marks...the time....until....your death.." The skull disappeared again but this time, it bursts into flames. No way....yesterday was real....

I quickly finish showering and put on my clothes. I wore my white and blue Heart Cruz tank top and a brown skirt with my belt and keys.

"I guess I should cover up this mark..." I take some bandages and wrap it around my arm making sure it completely covered my arm. " That should do it!"

I stroll to the guild while buying and eating my breakfast. Why was I cursed? Why me? Should I tell everyone? Levy could be a great help figuring out how to break this curse ..but that will make everyone worry....I'll keep this a secret for now...

I enter the guild and notice Gray and Natsu fighting again. Lisanna was at the side watching Natsu and cheering him on.

I sit down at the counter and order something to drink while thinking over what has happened the last few hours. How can I break this curse?

"What's with the worried look?" Hearing a voice, I turned around and saw Gray coming to sit next to me.

"Oh. Nothing"

"Doesn't look like nothing"

"I'm fine. Really."

"Hey, you can tell me anything. We're nakama right?" I laughed at what Gray said. "Hey! I was trying to sound cool too..."

"Sorry, sorry. I just never thought you would say that."

♪☆♪☆♪ Natsu's POV ♪☆♪☆♪

I look over to the counter and see Lucy talking and laughing with Gray. Damn it! Why is my chest hurting so much?

"Natsu! Are you even listening?" Lisanna grabbed my arm from next to me and pouted.

"Sorry! What were you talking about?"

"So about the date on Friday...."

♪☆♪☆♪ Lucy's POV ♪☆♪☆♪

"Are you really okay?"

"I'm fine" Gray finally let it go and stopped asking me about it. I'll tell everybody another day. For now I'll keep quiet.

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