Serendipity - A wink from the fate
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Serendipity - A wink from the fate


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What is Serendipity - A wink from the fate

Read Serendipity - A wink from the fate novel written by the author Readoholic on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, comedy, loveatfirstsight. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"When she bumped into him for the first time, she didn't even bother to look up but instead ran away leaving the faint smell of Bulgarian roses lingering on his sweatshirt..." Their first encounter leaves them heart broken. Fate plays the card and they meet again while playing MMORPG game. This story is about serendipity of love between two young computer science graduates : Yan Xuan – Senior year student in University of Beijing. He is extraordinary in studies and business tactics. With adding Aqua King title, he is epitome of perfection. Mo Hua – Junior year student in University of Beijing. She holds the title as the beauty queen of the University not only for her beauty but also for her high IQ and EQ score. Will the tide of the destiny lead them towards each other? #technolove #romance #youth #love #beautywidBrains Cover credits : Original pictures are taken from Internet and wonderfully designed by IMPRECIS. Credits for those anonymous artists as well and will be taken down when requested. #RegularUpdates 1chp/day for now. Also check out my first story. Vol 1 complete. Destined to be together forever... https://www.webnovel.com/book/12257949005156305/Destined-To-Be-Together-Forever


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Awesome story!!💜✨ Really creative and original, I was able to imagine every bit of the interaction, it was like I was watching a movie in my head😂, I love it!!. And I really want to know what happens between the love birds...Great job author, you're awesome!✨ Btw, it's in my library already 💜


When initially reading this story, it reminds me of the novel, 'A Slight Smile is Very Alluring.' It is fantastic and overtime, it separates itself from the novel I mentioned and shows it's own charm. I really like the writing style. It is smooth and easy to read. The details put are also outstanding as I could clearly picture each character in my head. The characters are also very fun, especially Xixi. She reminds me of Er Xi. Additionally, there is also definite chemistry between the main characters and the romance doesn't seem forced. The interaction and conversations Mo Hua and her friends (and any character really) are also natural which is very very good. hahah This novel is great! I recommend any romance fans to give this one a try! :)


Hey Readers, 5/5 from my side. Romance, Friendship, and Comedy are at its best. A very well written plot. Auther had described those brief moments of love and friendship with great care. The addition of the MMORPG inside a romantic genre adds an exclusive contrast to the story that will attract many readers. A good job must say. The author's way of writing and describing character's personalities and traits adds the final blow to the hearts of readers and romance lovers. Do give this one a try. The Author and the story will not disappoint you. Thanks


I am sadly not so much for romance. But nevertheless, every book deserves a chance! I read it and the title and the way the story flows reminds me of the western movie: "Serendipity" but with a twist. They're gamers! This just shows that we gamers have a chance to find got girls too!!!! Ahahaha but yes, I liked the way it was written but sometimes I get confused as to who this character is and so on? Probably because I'm not used to chinese names so that's just me 😊 Please do keep up the good work!


Whoa! This book is really, really good! I enjoy the story and I think it has some potential! Please keep writing and some day you’ll be up high in the rankings and millions of people will read it! :)


Their first kiss was indeed romantic and scary at the same time. I guess this is my first time reading a story with both leads on equal IQ and beauty. I am looking forward to it. It is a must read.


Amazing, just love this novel.... Especially the Mo hua and Yang Xuan character.... This could be love at first sight....or maybe first bump.... And the haunted house scene....is amazing.... Just upload more..and more Chapters..... fighting....


Woah another amazing story from you dear author. It's introduction itself is interesting. I started reading it and have won't be dropping it unless you stop releasing new chapters..😆


The book is great🤗...I loved the characters❤️, as well as the story is quite funny😂 I wish that they meet as early as possible....😇😇 All the best 👍


Hey, lovely synopsis, as one of the reviews said, that it reminds of slight smile is very alluring, but don't misunderstand guys, story really separates itself from itz it is different, and unique... Really enjoyed it... And writing quality is good too, [img=update]


The synopsis is intriguing and can attract readers...Its lets readers guessing on her wishes and want to read it. Two geeks relationship just what I needed.[img=recommend] Keep it up, mate!


A refreshing romance story that could easily be scripted into a TV series. Author did a great job in that perspective as I was about to imagine to scenes vividly. The characters are interesting and the pacing is smooth and easy. I think the only problem, and what docked a few points in my review, are the grammar errors. There are missing articles (a, an, the) in front of nouns and commas missing before or after names. Unfortunately, it breaks the immersion as I'd find myself constantly pausing and re-reading a sentence to find out what was missing. To the author, the simplest way to fix these errors is to get Grammarly. It comes with a Google Chrome extension which works with inkstone, meaning you can edit it in your browser and update it instantly, all from webnovel's platform. Other than that, the story was great. It's sweet and lighthearted and actually kinda soothing, cleansing for the soul. Especially after watching or playing a round of depressing or high ******* movies or games


As someone who lives in Beijing, my eyes rolled happily when I read the synopsis mentioned that the characters are students from Beijing University :D I give a good rating for this story. I just hope the author will be more details with the campus life in Beijing :)


I am amazed by how good this book is! I just love it 💕 Please keep up the good work and don't stop! Your constant updating is great! I am trying to do that myself ^^ Hope you win the WPC 💙 Are you in male or female lead? Just curious 😅😊


Dear author, I really like your work. The story really flows well and the way you describe thing is amazing. The romance doesn't feel forced, its all very organic from the way they started getting interested in each other to how they met. You write very well, I didn't see a single spelling mistake or misplaced word. All the descriptions are vivid and the interactions are natural like hearing real people talking. Good work 👏


Reveal spoiler


The story is well written and well paced with interesting character dynamics between everyone. It's also quite funny in some places with good humour and relatable situations despite the whole Xianxia.


Hello there. I have now left my review to this amazing author because I I want to show them my support^_^ I'm sure you're amazing indeed hehe


Great story, I like the romance and comedy of this novel... The characters are so lovely I enjoyed reading this book is 5/5 for me. Keep it up


Your story is really good, funny, going at a good pace, and nice flowing writing style. I personally do not like romance, so this story isn’t for me, but for anyone who enjoys, I say it is a good read. I also like how you not only tell the girls part of the story, but also the guys. I like the world you created, it is good. Keep up the good work!


This story is Amazinggg~. The plot is well-done and the story itself is very unique. I would love to read more chapters in the future. I binged reading this all day and night, 10/10. I highly recommend this novel. You won't regret reading this!


Games are not my cup of tea, but this sure is! The first few chapters gives you the general idea of the author's capabilities in terms of writing and behold! She's a master. Everything's perfect, even the flow of the story and also the interactions. The character and plot advancements are also well made, I hope to see more


Well...after reading further chapters, I have to say that this story is quite amazing. Loving it so far. Keep doing nice work. Good Luck for upcoming chapters :)


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