Separated Seas: Reincarnated in One Piece Book

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Separated Seas: Reincarnated in One Piece


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All life comes from the sea and to the sea all things return. Under the waters the old civilizations, islands, and even races have been washed away and forgotten. Will you leave your mark in Time or be forgotten beneath the waves? ------ This will be my second fanfiction, not including the parodies, ever to be written by me. I am making this into a series called Separated Series. Each fan fic in it will be about one of the characters from the canon having a twin who is the MC. Also another thing that will be in each fanfic is my twin Gods JanIst. Before you ask there may be a harem in this one as well. But it won't be big at most 3. ------- I do not own One Piece nor any of the characters other than the ones I make myself who are not part of the series. This is merely a fan fiction. (Temp) Cover art: https://pixabay.com/en/users/jplenio-7645255/