Selfless Wife Book

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Selfless Wife


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SYPNOSIS Phoebe Lynx Villanueva is a kind hearted girl whose inlove with Keyden Sebastian Fuentes for five years. She's pretty and can have any man that she wants but she knows that Keyden is an excemption. Keyden is inlove with her bestfriend Charity and she knows that. She also knew that Charity has feelings for Keyden. She's the antagonist of her own story and when their parents decided to fixed the marriage between her and Keyden, she knows that she have to do something. Being Keyden's wife is like a dream come true but how can she do it when the man she loves is inlove with somebody else who happened to be her bestfriend? Now, she made her choice. She will help Keyden court her bestfriend in exchange that he will marry her. She knew that it's a desperate move but if being this selfless is the only way for Keyden and Charity to be happy, then so be it.