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"I know, it's confusing, but we can't help your family if you are not pregnant! Trust me, I know your family very well, they really need assistance, you do too, but I can't do anything if you don't choose between the two choices",     "I never thought of being a surrogate before",     "Then you'll go with the first choice?",     "That was my plan",     "I can't argue with that! (sighed) But, if I were you, I'd choose to be a surrogate, just look at you, very young, you have a whole 20's ahead of you, why have a child so early? You still need to study, having fun, you can do a lot of things when you're in your 20s",     "Being a surrogate means having a child too",     "But not yours, right after birth it won't be your responsibility anymore! Look, the foundation will place your parents in their new home, you'll be assisted just like other pregnant girls here, and in addition you'll get paid enough cash and, in the end, you won't even have a baby or the responsibilities coming with it, jackpot!", It really seemed like a jackpot


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