1 Life is odd, death even more so

I died

I'm not gonna get into the sad details but I will say that I died falling down the stairs. Personally, I find that to be one of the dumbest ways to pass away and the humiliation I feel will follow me for all of eternity. How in the world did I fall down the stairs anyway? That's not important, I said I wouldn't get into details so I'm not getting into details. In fact, falling down the stairs of my school is not the most questionable or concerning thing. What's extraordinary is the fact that I'm lying in a very soft bed in a foreign room. I'm pretty sure I died and even if I didn't this is no hospital. I have no clue where I am or how I'm even alive so the best or maybe the dumbest thing I can do is get out of bed and try to find the pieces to the puzzle. As I sit on the edge of the bed I can't help but notice how much smaller my legs and feet seem. Huh. Couldn't be, I must just be out of it. I climb off the bed, regretting it a bit because it's super soft, and walk towards what I assume to be a closet in hopes there's a mirror nearby so I can check on myself. This is no hospital and my head hurts, so of course I need to check on myself.

The fact that the closet is the size of my whole apartment is overshadowed by the shock of seeing myself in the mirror. Am I even the same person? Why am I a child? Why in the hells do I look like a 2d character? Not to get me wrong, I always dreamed of being in an anime world, but that's just silly dreams that are not meant to be reality. Shifting is one thing since it has to do with the human brain, but being fully transported or perhaps in my case, transmigrated into an entirely different world is not normal and should not be possible. I must be in some coma provoked dream or maybe I'm hallucinating before I actually die. Maybe that's why my head hurts. Someone needs to explain this to me but I doubt anyone can right now. Should I be happy with this? It doesn't seem logical to be happy. I don't know how I got here or what here even is. And if I have actually moved to an anime world, which is it? Because my chances of survival depend on the world I'm tossed into.

Dammit all.

Why do I have to be a child again? How old am I? I'm tiny so I could perhaps be five or something when working with anime child size and appearance. A toddler, that's just great ain't it?

If this is a coma induced dream then pinching myself won't do much, will it? I try just for the hell of it and I'm still standing in front of a huge mirror staring at the body of a 2d child. Okay. I'm not hallucinating, I think. I could be dreaming though, that's still a possibility.

"Why does a toddler even need a walk-in closet," I ask myself this as I leave said walk-in closet. I come to a stop in front of another door, one I'm sure will lead out of what must be my bedroom. What I discover outside this room will hopefully better inform me of the current situation and with that knowledge, I can plan ahead. I sound smart, don't I?

The house is pretty big or it just seems that way to little old me. I look up and it looks like the ceiling is miles away. Yeah, my little body makes things seem bigger than they are, but this house is actually huge. Going down the stairs is a journey for my little legs and I'm hating being a toddler even more now. It feels like ages when I reach the end of the stairs. I stand for a minute, eyes taking in the room presented before me. A living room, no one occupying it. This house is pretty fancy so definitely rich people. Nice, I guess, if I'm indeed their child.

It is when I walk into the kitchen that I find people. A woman and a man both conversing about something I have no idea about. I stand in the doorway for a moment, just watching and listening to their conversation in hopes of gaining some insight, anything that will help me piece everything together. Will their conversation tell me why I'm here? No, but it will tell me lots of other things if I'm lucky.

There are certain words in the conversation that has my eyebrows raising more and more. Heroes, quirk, hero agency, some random name that for sure sounds like some superhero name and then there's the mention of someone calling the authorities on someone because they looked villainous.


That sounds a lot like a certain anime I'm aware of.



So the chances of this life of mine being splendid, horrible or just plain normal depend on a handful of things. First of all, is whether or not I have a quirk. The second is whether or not this quirk is powerful. The third is the way I'll be treated by family and friends should I be without a quirk or a weak quirk. Fourth is the type of quirk. There are a few more factors but I've got a check on at least two of them. One; my parents are obviously loaded. Two has to do with one, rich equals high social standing which equals better opportunities for me.

"Exactly how long do you plan on standing there?"

The man looks at me with a teasing smile and motions for me to approach. So they were purposely ignoring me then, good to know.

"You passed out for a minute there," the woman says, looking at me with concern in those blue eyes. I almost laugh at the classic worried mom look she's giving me as I scramble up a high barstool with little to no assistance at all from the adults surrounding me.

"You feeling ok kiddo? We don't need to visit the doctor again, do we?"

Again? I went to the doctor before passing out in my room is what they're implying then. Did something happen to me?

"Why were we at the doctor again?"

From the look of complete concern this question brings them, I'm assuming it was something serious. Or maybe it wasn't and they weren't expecting me to wake up with no knowledge of this life I'm supposedly living or who I actually am and to be fair, that is understandable.

"Your head hurt to the point where you were crying so we brought you to the doctor" the woman informs me very gently as she touches my forehead, seemingly checking my temperature. "The doctor had said that it was most likely a sign of your quirk awakening"

"The doctor said it wasn't too serious," the man says. His brows form a bridge on his forehead as he gazes off into the distance, staring at something unknown. "We should go back, he needs to do another checkup"

Before I even know what's happening I'm being swooped up in the woman's arms and carried away.


"Everything seems fine, which is odd and concerning"

After a long hour of being poked here and there and asked a bunch of questions about my head and some questions I could not answer for the life of me, I'm seated next to my parents. I had to strip down for the doctor at some point, which is very much uncomfortable, but there is little I could've done. Now I'm just sitting here, my legs dangling off the metal seat and my parents conversing with my doctor. I was honest when I was questioned for there is little I could've done. He asked me about my life with my parents, what happened last week or two days ago. He asked me if I knew my name and it is then I realized that I have no clue. Like I legit do not know what my name is. I remember my life before this but I can't find my name in the pile of memories.

My lack of memories was contradicting my healthy brain, which is why the doc is so confused and my parents so anxious.

"She doesn't seem to remember anything before waking up and finding you two, but her brain shows no typical signs of amnesia or any problems for that matter" the puzzled expression on the doctor's face mirrors that of my father as he looks at me.

"Could it be because of the headache she had or her quirk?"

"I'm not sure, this has never happened before, at least not that I'm aware of"

In this world of superheroes and villains, there has been no case resembling mine? I find that very hard to believe, but okay.

I did tell the doctor that my head hurts and he relays that to my parents. I don't know what this headache means but apparently it has to do with my quirk awakening. That's cool and all, but a chronic headache is not very appealing so if my body could just speed things up I would very much appreciate it.

The adults talk some more and at this point I'm long gone. The doctor has no clue what is going on, as I thought he would, and my parents are clearly concerned for their little baby. I just let my mind take me to wherever it wants to go and land on thoughts of this whole situation. I'm in the world of mha as some child of a rich couple who suffers from a headache and amnesia with no logical explanation at all. I'd say my situation is pretty bizarre and I'm handling it pretty well, considering. I'm somewhat relieved that this is the world I wake up in because it's similar to the one I left with the added bonus or curse of a superpower society. If this is indeed my new life I wonder how things will turn out. What should I do in the future? I can always go off to UA to follow the main characters and see what changes have followed me. I can join the league of villains if I want to and follow things from their perspective. Or I could just stay out of it and lead a somewhat normal life.

All three are very appealing to me.

Maybe I'll just go to UA and get up to some mischief.

Man, I don't know.

"Thank you for your time, doctor" my father stands with the words so I follow. My hand is taken by my mother who leads me out of the office while my father says a few more words to the doctor.

No words are said as we leave the hospital. The silence is deafening, I never thought I would be witness to a loud silence. Neither of my parents seems to know what to say. Neither do I. What am I even supposed to say to these people?

Hey, yeah, I know this is weird and all but yeah...I don't know

So I don't say a word and let them bring me back to the car.

It is only when they both get in the car that they make a sound. My father releases a long loud sigh while my mother makes a sound akin to a whimper.

"What in the world is going on?"

I'm as clueless as you pops.

"How is this even possible?"

Anything is possible.

It must suck for them, huh? For their child to suddenly lose their memories and not even know who they are. All those years with their precious baby and now she doesn't even remember all the good times

It's sad and I feel kinda bad now, but there is nothing I can do.


I'm being addressed, something I barely register. My father is leaning towards me with a weak smile in place and eyes glimmering with an emotion I cannot place.

"You doing okay, kid?"


I don't think they believe that and frankly neither do I.

"It's going to be okay, I promise"

A hand grazes my cheek and as I look into the soft eyes of this woman, my mother, I can't help but want to believe her. I truly am a child, huh? I know they can't get the memories of this child back and I know I won't figure out why I'm here, but I can allow myself to believe even if it's futile.


As odd as things are, this is apparently my life now

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