2 Getting used to things

My head hurts

It's been hurting non-stop for almost a week now and no matter how many times my parents bring me to the doctor, it is always the same answer. The headaches go hand in hand with my quirk that has not shown itself yet. I've been assured that the pain will most likely fade into nothing but a memory once my quirk awakens, but until then I just have to take some assigned meds. It doesn't do much except dull the pain a bit. On top of the headache, I've had to deal with my parents doing anything they can to return my memory. They've done everything they could, from singing my favourite song and telling my favourite stories to showing me pictures in the picture book. Each photo has a story behind it, oftentimes they are quite amusing. I find myself asking questions every opportunity I get, something my parents seem more than happy about. I ask about them, about me, about the family, about their jobs, about this world. Anything really. When I think of it, I ask. They answer every question as best they can and it has helped me understand everything better.

On the third day in this world, I had requested the local newspaper for I was curious about what I would discover. They were surprised, confused maybe, which is understandable seeing as I am a mere five year old. That is something else that had my interest piqued. I am five and my quirk is only now showing signs. I suppose I'm a late bloomer. It's interesting though. I should get a book on quirks and how they work. It would be beneficial to know a favourable amount about them. As for the newspaper, I did get it. I had read it at the table the next morning, childishly copying my father's every move as he too read the morning news. He commented on the latest villain attack to which I had a statement of my own which led to a back and forth.

"But the fact of the matter is that they robbed a bank and many were harmed," he says matter of factly to which I shrug. He has a point, but my argument still stands.

"The report clearly states that they were being controlled by someone or something, so I don't see the need to lock them up unless they had committed crimes before this and are on the wanted list" my assertion is very much logical, is it not? Am I not speaking facts here?

"You have a point but there is nothing I can do, on top of that is the fact that the authorities are still in the process of a background check"

"They should focus their efforts on finding the real culprit, the manipulator"

We went back and forth for a good hour before my mother shut the entire thing down and sent my father off to his job.

My parents, while not heroes, work closely with the heroes themselves. They haven't told me anything specific but from what little I've gathered I'd guess they work for some very high ranking heroes. What exactly is it they do on a daily though? My father is off in the morning until afternoon while my mother stays at home with me until dad returns and then they switch shifts. Mom is gone during the afternoons and late at night, sometimes I'll see her the next day. I seriously gotta know what they do with the heroes. I assume my parents are important people since they've got bodyguards on top of bodyguards. I swear the butler is secretly watching over me when my parents aren't nearby. He could be assigned to me and frankly, that's pretty cool.

"Zena, kid" my father appears in my room bare-chested with a smile on his face. He stands in the middle of the somewhat small space, receiving the light of the sun. It's almost like a spotlight that has his cocoa skin seeming extra healthy. I wonder if he did this on purpose. "It's time for work"

I stare at him for a good thirty seconds, just standing in the middle of his daughter's room with this massive smile on his face, hazel eyes gleaming with excitement I presume.


"You're five years old, young lady, you need to start your education" I'm being picked up and slung over his shoulder before I can manage a reply. I do remember mom telling him not to carry me in this manner many times before. He doesn't listen to a single thing that woman tells him, not that I expect him to. He's very gentle with me and surprisingly my stomach does not hurt from being pressed to his shoulder.

"I'm supposed to attend school"

"Yes and you will when you're older, but for the next couple of years your mom and I will be your teachers"

Homeschooling doesn't sound terrible. It's admittingly better than actually attending some kindergarten or elementary. Homeschooling can work whether I am ahead, which I actually am, behind, strong-willed, creative, challenging, quiet, gifted, or active. On top of that factor is the fact that my parents are in charge of everything, the pace, curriculum, grade level and so on. If I show them that I can handle an advanced grade they'll most likely let me study things that are higher than my current grade, unlike school. Well, schools do bump kids up when they show some hidden genius. The thing about school that I very much dislike is how they base someone's intelligence on how well they remember things. Your intelligence should not be the number on your test papers or the mark on your report. Some people just work differently than others and this system makes them seem "dumb", so to speak.

The point is that society needs to move past its standardized evaluation of mental prowess, which inevitably fails to recognize atypical intelligence and creativity and wrongly enforces the toxic mindset that an individual's worth as a human being is in any way dependent upon a numerical value given to them by others.

It's fair to say I never liked school


Vincent stood overlooking his daughter seated at the small desk he had gotten her with a look of unhidden pride. He wasn't entirely sure how to begin her schooling, safe for having her practice writing and spelling. It became very clear to him that writing and spelling were no problem to Zena for she had not once asked for his assistance since she was put to work. He started off simple by having her copy down the alphabet as neatly as she could. Her handwriting is far better than he had expected, something he makes sure to tell her. After the alphabet came the writing of her own name. What had impressed him was the fact that she was already writing down her name before he even spelled it out for her. One thing led to another, now he's watching her write down full sentences.

She was not this skilled in writing or spelling. He was sure she struggled with spelling out her mother's name before today.

He wondered if it has anything to do with her sudden loss of memories. He had noticed how she acted differently than what he's used to. Before everything happened Zena would always play with her toys or watch some silly cartoons on the TV for most of the day. Since her sudden loss of memory, she had hardly touched her toys, only looking at them when they had opted to play with her. Her time in front of the TV has apparently doubled but she rarely frequented the silly cartoons she had learned to love. Instead, she would sit in front of the screen, intently listening to the local news as if it's the most fascinating thing in the world. And the cartoons she does like are not within her age range. Then there's her want to read the newspaper.

He has never heard of anything like what had happened to his daughter. A sudden loss of memory and personality change despite there being no actual brain damage. It just doesn't make any sense, and that's saying a lot considering the world they're living in.

While all of that's running through his mind Zena's wondering if she'll get bumped up a grade. She decided to show her father how easy these things come to her so that he'll teach her something more advance. She will continue in that manner until she is back on the level she is used to, which is college level. It will take a while to get there, she's sure.

This world that is now her own is not unlike the one she had left not too long ago. The similarities are ample, sadly. The people of this world look down on those deemed "weak". The quirkless are the one's suffering the most for being "powerless" while those with seemingly "powerful" quirks are praised, looked up to and spoiled. Izuku and Katsuki are the perfect examples of this. Both are the two sides of the coin showing exactly how this world works. Izuku was abandoned and ridiculed by those once his friends because of something he could not control, because of being quirkless. Katsuki on the other hand got everyone's attention. They looked up to him, they respected him. They wanted to be like him for he is the very thing this world says they should support. He had a strong quirk, one that would surely make him a hero. That's all that matters. Izuku did not have that so he was cast aside and looked down on by those he once trusted. It always baffled her how he remained so kind and hopeful as the years went on. If she had been in his position she would've most likely taken Katsuki's advice.

Who's she to lie and pretend she would be that strong?

There's no need to think of that now, is there? She is no Deku and he is not her. Her situation, as odd as it may be, is very profitable. Her parents are loaded, very important and most importantly, very supportive. Adding to that is the fact that she'll have a quirk one of these days, which just makes things better for her. Strong quirk or not she will make use of the powers she'll be gifted with.

She has no clue what she wants to do in this world, but she does know that she'll be putting in work. Hero, villain-yes this is a serious option or just some random person in the world, she will not be weak. Perhaps weak is not the word to use but she can not think of the proper wording. Maybe she should replace it with incapable?

"Done" her work is presented to her father when the last letter is written down.

She has time to think about her future so for the moment she would focus on the here and now.

"You're doing an amazing job, kid. Keep this up and you'll be on high school level before you know it" his words are encouraging as he ruffles her hair, giving it an even messier appearance than before.

"How old should I be before I put my body through physical workouts?"

The question comes as a surprise to her father, who looks at her with wide eyes. She's just staring back at him, dark eyes meeting his lighter ones without hesitation.

"You're serious?"

"No, I'm just kidding" the sarcasm is strong in her tone and the small smile that's beginning on her face has him stifling a chuckle.

"Of course you are" he sighs with a thoughtful look for a moment, eyes staring off into the distance. "I'm pretty sure you're old enough to undergo some light workouts"

That had her smiling in victory with a certain gleam in her eyes.

"Train me, please"



After a good thirty minutes of shamelessly begging my father to train me, I finally got the answer I wanted. He said yes, although very reluctantly. I understand that he's worried and all but I'm sure even he realizes that an early start on physical training is good. I made sure to tell him that I want to learn to fight, as in martial arts. Anything that counts as self-defence. He doesn't like the idea at all but I think he gets it. Martial arts training is a smart move here. My family is well known and loaded so who's to say they're not targets of some villain? What if they manage to break into the house? What if they try to take me hostage? The very least I should know is how to properly kick a man in the balls.

My martial arts training will start after my quirk activates. As my father had said it is best to learn a technique that favours my powers and I could not agree more. Next to that, it will be fun to think of ways to use my quirk while fighting and I actually look forward to it.

What will my quirk even be?

My father has some elemental quirk that basically makes him the avatar in my eyes while my mom has the ability to access an individual's mind and have them mimic her in every way. It sounds like some form of mind control even when my mother tells me it's not. It is. It's not the shadow possession jutsu so it's obviously some form of mind control. Both of their quirks are amazing, so if I get either of them or a mix I'll be perfectly fine with it. Considering that my headache has to do with my quirk am I wrong in assuming I'll be adopting my mother's ability or at least something involving mental prowers?

Or it could just be some random quirk that has nothing to do with my parents.

Who knows? Because I sure as hell don't

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