1 To Seema, From Die Hard Conservative of her beauty.

Even when I had cared for you and your esteems,

Two months of togetherness was a dream it seems.

Breaking me into tears you have broken that dream too I suppose,

Perhaps there was someone who you did propose.

By proposing him you certainly have made me cuckold,

As if he is made up of diamond and gold.

Okay I agree he is rich but please let me see him,

So I pray he won't be adjusting you in his life like a dual sim.

Of course I feel dejected these days and nights,

But to love anyone it's your life, your rules and your rights.

I was already in sorrows when you came into my life,

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I thought you were a gift from God as you cared me like a husband cared by his wife.

Thanks for your partnership seeमाँ ji,

But remember you did wrong to me by making me alike African Basenji.

Yeah I'm sorry for I mentioned you as a sex material,

Actually it's me who you can reveal as immaterial.

Trust me I just had fallen for you when I saw you on the first instance,

I was wrong as I felt it was the chance to cuddle and romance.

To let my limitless love known to you I roamed in front of your house, your gym so that our relationship can go beyond,

But look how unlucky I am; you termed me as a foolish vagabond.

One last thing I was really not having money those days which I think another reason you left me,

There will definitely be one day I will have lot to spare you will see.

Repained by Seema.