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Seduction Mastery


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Hello, this is just a story I did for fun, so don't expect a lot of updates. __________Story_______________ -- Alex was a normal gay person, though he's still a virgin, and he never had a boyfriend. One day when he was just walking to the story to get a sex toy to loose his virginity. 'Cause he can't get no boys, and he was feeling pretty depressed actually there's that, too. He was always a 'straight forward' person. So anyways, He was kind enough to help a poor cat out of the way when a plane suddenly appeared out of no where in the middle of a street. Turns out for him that the cat was a angel, The angel of Honesty. And that angel was also a pet of The Goddess of Wishes, and that so called Goddess is the one who caused his death. _____________________ And that's how the most cunning and manipulative person you can meet died. U-U _______________ Haters gonna hate 'Cause I ain't changing this! This is a Parent suggested novel!! Don't be all up on me, when ya can't guess that it's R - 18 when there's a tag there, too!! You chose to read, I didn't force no one! So don't gave me hate, I'm a very 'sensitive' person, but I welcome advice with open hands!


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