4 Eat You Up

Within the confines of a luxurious dormitory room, Violet forcefully directed Talisa to the sofa. As soft as the cushions it was made of, the sofa essentially allowed a Talisa to melt in. The comfort was unrivalled in the eyes of a mere count's daughter.

"Pfft! Did you see what just happened? Your man just abandoned you, he gave you to me as a mere servant! He doesn't love you… you are not even worth his duchy to him. You are a toy." These harsh words echoed throughout Talisa's head, unable to escape while Violet remained with her.

"You must be feeling quite awful… a seductress That has been made an attendant of another woman. Your useless and scheming self will never understand pride, so I will show you exactly the effects of damaging my pride." Violet's devilish grin was the only thing Talisa could see. She did not understand why, but she knew that this smile seemed lovely to her.

"In the end, you are nothing. But what if I told you that I could make you into something? I could even make you comparable to the most classy of women. Perhaps you would even attract other women…" Violet's eyes looked down on Talisa and stopped at the latter's chest.

"You must be proud of those… but mine are better~ I order you to grope them." Violet immediately instructed, without a hint of uncomfortability.

"I understand…" Outwardly, Talisa seemed like a resigned slave, but on the inside, her heart was hot and she was excited.



"Talisa, would you like to see some of my skin…?"

Violet's plan was simple. She would entice Talisa into indulging on her virgin body until the latter becomes completely dependent on her. Once this happens, Violet would immediately stop. In her mind, she thought this would end with Talisa going mad from withdrawal and heartbreak, but Violet did not take a certain point into account.


Violet smiled as she removed her top and skirt, revealing her luscious white skin with no defects whatsoever. Her very being was so perfect that Talisa thought she was eyeing an angel.

"As my attendant, I order you to look here… You need to focus and do not dare relieve yourself or touch me. While this is happening, I will spare no effort into making some very lewd poses for you to repeat in your head~ If you do not succeed, I will have you expelled." Plain and simple, this is a high noble's power over the weak.


"I understand, Miss Silvre…" Talisa sat still and focused on Violet's body. Even with Violet sitting still, Talisa still felt remarkably hot from just the skin exposure. Any more could be the end of her.


"For this one, I will show off my behind. Feel free to inspect. Don't touch~" Violet did just that and thrusted her hips back towards Talisa.

Violet shook her ass from side to side while smugly grinning at Talisa, showing not even a cent of mercy to the person that had stolen her fiancé. Even if the fiancé was not someone she had loved, she valued her status. A failed engagement could ruin a noble.

"Ahh~ Master~! Spank me!" Violet lewdly moaned as she attempted to entice Talisa further.

"Hmmm… you remain unshaken. I will have to increase the difficulty of the challenge.

Violet spread her legs and showed off the little piece of black cloth in between. Talisa instantly knew that she was losing, Violet meant business.

If one was being realistic, Talisa was already more attracted to Violet than William from the moment she was caught by her on the fateful night.

"Why are you doing this…? Are you not afraid that I will attack you? Do you believe that I will not assault you right now?"

"Talisa, Talisa… you are too simple. You might be a scheming witch, but you lack intelligence in this area. I want to break you. I want to make it so that the only thing you ever want to see is me. I will make it as if all men are animals and my love alone is the most beautiful of flowers. You will desire to pick my flower until you grow mad." Violet confessed, unwary of Talisa.

"What if I fall in love with you?"

"All the better. You will be stuck with me for a long period of time. If you fall in love with me, I will simply reject you. I will make it so the only person you love won't love you back."

"And what makes you so confident that you can make my heart flutter? How do you know I won't be making the first moves?" Talisa questioned.

"Because you are already attracted to me. It is a matter of time. Your suffering is inevitable, much like William. However, for you, I will do this personally. I will make you wish you had never-"



Talisa's tongue sucked onto Violets as she became consumed with desire. All of this talk that was solely dedicated to her suffering had made her incredibly thankful.

For the first time in her life, someone had considered her in their plans. Someone actually spent time and effort on her.

"And what if I make you fall in love with me~?" Talisa smugly grinned after finishing her meal.

"You-you… too daring. You know what, if I fall in love with you, I will not let you go and I will make it so you never leave me. I will become so possessive that you will only know my warmth. You will only see me as beautiful, everyone else will be trash. If I fall in love with you, you would be mine forever."

"I don't believe you would want such a thing~" Violet grinned. There was no doubt about it. Beneath the facade of the perfect heiress, there was a slumbering chaos unlike any other.

"I might just eat you up~"

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