Secrets of the Marcias Estate
novel - Fantasy Romance

Secrets of the Marcias Estate


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What is Secrets of the Marcias Estate

Read Secrets of the Marcias Estate novel written by the author Theinfamous_ln on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, action, thriller, timetravel, duke. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A thrilling chase invisible to young Ophelia's eyes is yet to be unfold- a mixture of thrill and ill-fated destiny of a Marcias. At such a young age (19), Ophelia was engaged to one of the dukedoms' family-friends' son -to keep the ties healthy and money going, they had to tie the knot. Life and freedom is to die for in the mansion where everything is dark and formidable-even for the young lord Icarus.

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It's a nice and intriguing work. It took time,but it was worth it! It had a good story,it's very well written,and has the capability for more! Nice work Author!


I loved the plot of your story! I love how you started the story with the dream. Everything kept me interested and wanting to read more! Kudos to the author! -ClumsyPanda


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


This book is truly a masterpiece, it has a very amazing story plot and it shows the creativity of the author. Im not the type who reads novel but this newly written novel will be one of the exceptions. Kudos to the Author.🤩


I like this way the author is developing his/her story in the sense of making the reader attractive. It is really thrilling which makes chapters more fun to read. Keep up the good work author.


gods, this is so exhilarating yet thrilling at the same time! The climax just keeps rising and rising in each chapter and am just caught up with Ophelia's case. The mystery around her just seems to sum up and points back at her...I keep re-reading some parts for hints yknow. Waiting for the next update! This is so great please keep it up<3


The mysterious feelings will creep out to you and you have no choice but to read the rest of the chapters to find out and feed your curiosity. It's a great novel. keep up the good work author 💓


Nice an intriguing work with the secrets on the title! The typical conglomerate novel ahead of you with the spice of thrill you have been craving for! Read this novel, great work!


It was nice :) Keep it up...It was fun reading and this has a lot of potentials too... maybe better with pictures like a manhua or manwah in the future.


Gods, this is so invigorating yet overwhelming at the same time! The crisis just keeps increasing and improving in each chapter and is just caught up with Ophelia's problem. The mystery around her just seems to higher and circumstances back at her... I keep re-reading some parts for hints now. Waiting for the next update! This is so great, please keep it up.


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