1 My dreams?

I was walking down the parking lot when I saw a light coming from the elevator. I squinted my eyes to see what was in there when I saw two red glows of light starting to come near me. I started running to my car then scattered all my stuff in my purse onto the passenger seat to find my keys. I finally found my keys and I tried to start my car but it wasn't doing anything, it wouldn't start f***.

The light got closer and closer then I'm in bed? I must've just been dreaming. I walk downstairs and yell "Mom! Is breakfast ready?" There was no response so I walk all the way downstairs and open the curtains. It's still night time? I thought. I go back to my bed trying to go back to sleep but that dream keeps waking me up. I put on a tink top and shorts and go on a walk. The sun starts to come up so I start walking back home. When I make it home I see my mom crying on the couch, when I try to open the door, I just fall through it. What's happening to me?

I go for another walk and see my body laying on the floor bleeding in front of a store. I start crying, I run until I bump into something, I look up while rubbing my head and hear someone say "are you okay miss?" I look up shocked "you can see me?" I say and I see a little boy. He says "I'm dead too" with a big smile, wait I'm dead?! I didn't know what to say so I just look at the little boy like he was crazy when I'm the one that's probably going crazy right now.

I wake up and see my mom looking scared with a doctor next to her "what happened?" I ask "Lucile! You went for a stroll and didn't come back so I went out looking for you and saw you laying on the ground unconscious." my mother says in a whining voice "Why was I passed out on the ground?" I ask. She said that there was construction and a huge pole landed on me but the way my mother and the doctor looked at each other makes it feel like she's lying to me. I just brush it off and ask for alone time to rest and I fall back asleep to see if I can go back to my dream I had before. I can't.

I start looking around the room. "This doesn't look like a hospital, more like a jail then anything" I say while talking to myself, wow I must be crazy to be talking to myself. While trying to figure out if I'm crazy or not I spot a painting on the wall of a family, but their not happy at all they look so mad. What kind of hospital am I in?

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