1 Part 1: It all began with a backwards wish.

Once upon a time, there was a teenage girl named Anna. That girl was me, the author of this story. I made a wish to dozens of stars, the moon, God, The Buddha, The Universe, and was even willing to sell my soul to the devil so I could see without glasses perfectly. I was blessed, rather cursed with my mother's terrible eyesight. And towards the end of middle school, I began to loathe having to wear glasses.

Every discussion with my mom about getting contact lenses would start and end like this.

"Mom, may I please get contacts?" "I don't want to look like a dork."/ "Use the contacts for cosplaying as Japanese anime characters." / "I'm in 10th grade now, why can't I at least try them?" And because of having autism, as well as the fact that my memory kind of sucks, I struggle a teeny tiny bit with my personal care/hygiene. But it would immediately end with either one of these statements or phrases by my mom, or would end in a rant about how I'm an ungrateful child.

"No, Anna."/ "Your hygiene still isn't the greatest." "You're an ungrateful child; glasses suit you much better in my opinion."

I began watching the anime called Black Butler, and I saw how the main character Ciel Phantomhive even wears a cool looking eyepatch (for other reasons we'll get into later) but still has good vision. Plus, he's a cool character overall. (Except he has a dark backstory, but whatever.) That's when I began wishing, praying, and even attempting satanic rituals to contact the devil to ask to sell my soul in exchange for 20/20 eyesight. But, when I woke up this one fateful morning at midnight, it turns out my intentions were clouded by my obsession of the Black Butler anime. It would seal my fate forever, change me permanently, and cause some major change within my corner of the world as I knew it.

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