8 You are accepted

( Joe POV)

When my interview ended, I walked out, and when I have done this, I walked directly back home. When I come there I looked around, and then I decided to wait for two days for their answer. If I will not have this position, I need to find another job. When I looked around my place, I walked toy room, and then I lay on the bed while coming back to read. When I have started it, I could see that Matt was calling to me, but I haven't answered his calls as probably he wants to take me out, but I don't want, mostly thanks to the long queue, and my knee started killing me slowly.

When I lay on my back and read a book, night has come, and when I saw it, I turned all lights off, and then I fall asleep. While was sleeping peacefully, I wake up the next day at a normal hour when I should go to university, and when I have done this, I looked at a book which was still on my stomach, and while seeing it, I take it, and then I come back to reading as the storyline is so interesting that I couldn't stop reading it and what is most important its only one book?

During my day has passed only on reading and mid-day, I eat food from yesterday; I looked at myself and then what hour is and when I have done this while checking for the sure, date I go out as hour left for my rehabilitation. When I walked out, I go to the bus stop and then to the hospital. While being there, I missed the main queue, and when I walked down, I come to the smaller reception, and while being there, I could hear, "oh Joe, you have come."

"Yes, today is the day," I said, and when the receptionist heard me, she nodded, and then she said, "I will tell the doc that you have come."

"OK," I said to her, and when I sit, I could see that doc come out, and while seeing me, he said, "oh, my loyal patient."

"Yea," I said, and then I walked inside, and my rehabilitation has started. As the first try four years ago, when I know for sure that I will not need to lose my leg, I started coming to him, and I had to visit every two weeks. Slowly thanks to the doc, I could recover, and as my old team know him and have a discount, I could easily come here, and thanks to money which I had from my insurance which money I never saw as they were transferred to hospital, and only thanks to it, I could come here and have rehabilitation and visit doc when I had problems with my knee. When I started doing exercises, he looked at me, and then he said, "you finally don't wear it."

"Yes, finally I can walk without it," I said while smiling. While hearing my words, the doc said, "that's good, and soon you will not need to come to me."

"Oh, OK," I said to him, and when I looked at him, I continue doing exercises. When I was doing it, I could do it slowly as I know that I couldn't come back to football, but thanks to god I can walk normally. When my time here ended doc, looked at me, and then he said, "three more visits."

"OK," I said to him, and when I shake his hand, I walked out. When I have done this, I looked at the money, which I had with me, and after counting them, I know that I have for ramen. While seeing it, I walked to eat it as after rehabilitation hunger rise in me, as it's one of the biggest exercises I have. When I come there, and after I ordered one, I started eating it. When I was doing it, an unknown number called. While seeing it, I answered, and then I said "yes."

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"Joe Jonson?" a female voice comes.

"Yes," I said.

"Congratulation you are accepted in position tomorrow. Please come, and take everything, and we will sign all needed papers," she said.

"oh, thank you," I said, and as my mood rise, she hangs out, and when I looked around, I could see that many people were looking at me. While seeing them, I hide, and then I come back to eating. When I was doing it, I have done this, and then I walked out. When I have done this, I come back home with a smile on my face, and when I had it I looked around, and after checking clothes which I need to wear tomorrow, I decided to wash them, and after doing it, I hang them on to let them dry. When I have done this, I walked directly to bed, and when I was there, I only read a little, and when I have done this, I fall asleep.

When the next day has come, I get up earlier than normal, and when I walked to check if my clothes dry, I could see that all is dry. While seeing it, I walked on again to my room, and when I was there, I read for half of the hour, and when I have done this, I changed my clothes, and when I have done this, I walked out.

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