13 Why can't you?

As I was driving I come there, after some time, and when I looked at the gate, I used a remote controller, and as it open, I drove in. While being there, I could see an unknown car. "old man, once again you bought a new one," I asked in a low voice while coming out, and when I have done this, I walked to the main doors.

When I opened them, I looked around as guests we have today. While seeing them, I could recognize one of them like it was Arthur Evans. 'Really?' I asked myself, while looking more around. While seeing him, and his parents there as I could recognize them thanks to similarities on their faces, I walked to the table where they and my parents were sitting, and then I said, "hello."

"Oh hello, Megan," Miss Evans said to me while having a smile on her face. While hearing her, I smiled to her, and after nodding my head, I sit in my normal place, and when I have done this, I said to mom, "mom, why I need to come here."

"Why can't you?" mom asked while looking at my eyes.

"Yes, child stays here with us. We see you rarely," dad said while drinking whiskey. While seeing it, I rolled my eyes, and then I said, "OK," as I could read mom plan, which means that she wants me to know better with Arthur. While knowing it, I especially haven't made any eyes contact with him, and then I started eating salad again. I like meat, but if it's spicy, not like here, which has no taste.

While I was doing it, conversations around were going in, which I haven't taken part in as mostly talks were about sports between dad and Mister Evans. While it was going on, I have done eating, and as I drank a little wine, but not so much one again, I could feel that someone is looking at my chest. As I could feel it, I looked around, and while seeing Arthur doing it, I looked at mom which her eyes told me to stay here for now.

While seeing them, I said, "I need to excuse myself," and then I go out of the table, and as I walked to my room which I spend time here when I need to. After coming there, I used the bathroom, and then I changed from my dress, and when I hide each part of my skin while using an old jumper, I smiled while knowing now that he can't look at my chest, and as I wanted to go out, Angela come. While seeing her, I said, "yes sis."

"What mom is planning," she asked.

"You haven't noticed? She wants me to be with him which, is direct no," I said while looking at her.

"Good, I don't like him too," sis said, and when I smiled at her, I said, "so how is with you being grounded."

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"Let's not talk about it," she said.

"OK," I said to her, and then we walked out. When we have done this, I looked more around, and when I was doing it, I could see that they walked away. While seeing it, I looked at mom, and I said "no."

"Yes, I agree," mom said.

"Good," I said to her.

"So, how is now going," dad asked while changing the topic.

"Nice, as you might know, I won a good project," I said while smiling.

"Good, and about your assistant?" dad asked.

"Oh, don't worry, I have one, but now I'm checking if he is not a spy after the last one. I want to be one hundred percent sure," I said.

"Good," dad said, and when I looked at him, I smiled, and then mom said, "so, now Angela". While hearing it, I looked at sis, and then I walked away as I wanted to help her, but as mom said her name, I know that she is screwed. When I walked out, I go to my car, and then I drove to my place. While being there, I go directly to have a bath as this jumper was an old one, and a lot of dust was on him. While having hot water there, I started TV, and when I re-watched what Joe was doing, I could read if he has any bad intentions to me or company. When I was doing it, I send a message to Alice, 'send me what he wrote.'

After a few seconds, she answered, 'you have all on email'. While seeing it, I opened my email without walking from the bath, and when the TV take what was open on my phone. While seeing lines of words and numbers there, I could see what he was exactly doing. While seeing it, I started reading it, and as I was doing it, I could see that he made few good points, and some not, but based on data that he had, he could make such an assumption.

When I could see it, I changed my mind while remembering that in two weeks one again I will be busy, and I will short his testing plan until the end of this week offline then a week online, but without telling this to him, and then he will go to a room close to me, as my assistant. While I thought about it, I used changing voice to writing, and as I have done this, I send this to Alice to send to the rest of the girls. When I have done this, I go out after a nice hour or so of taking bath, and when I have done this, I dry myself, and then I eat some meat which especially was made spicy. When I have done this, I started watching TV. As I was doing it, a day like that passed for me.

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