14 Secretary of the CEO

Two weeks later, Megan place.

When I opened my eyes, I looked around, and as nobody was here like always, I changed to one of my formal dresses, and when I have done this, I know that Joe is trusted worth. While I was thinking about it, he changed many things which were given to him as mistakes which show me some untrusted people in my company, which could be a joke, but they were in his department. While thinking about how we found about them, anger could only rise in me, nothing more. As I thought about it, I still couldn't believe that the oldest one worked with us for over two years.

When I still had their surprised faces in front of me, when Alice show proofs, I looked at myself in the mirror, while brushing my teeth's. When I have done this, and I moved my thoughts for today, I looked at myself, and then I changed a little of my hair, and when I have done this, I walked out to drive to work.

In Joe's place at the same time. ( Joe POV)

When I wake up, I make one again the same routine, shower, drinking water while making tea, and when I changed. When I had tea in a thermos, I walked out and now only walking to work left for me as my ticket ended and as no more money I have to buy a new one, only walking there left for me. As I started thinking about it, I could only thanks to that yesterday I was in the hospital, and when the doc injected into my knee what he needed to do, so I could normally walk not like yesterday, as I could feel that my two bones touch themselves while walking. When I come to the company after some time, I looked at the doors, and when I passed all the nice, I walked to my room. While being there, I sit, and when I take out the thermos. When I had done this, I wanted to start my computer, but then someone comes inside, and while I haven't recognized who, I said, "yes."

"You are changing the place of working," she said.

"Why," I asked, as I thought that I'm being kicked out. While hearing me, she looked at me and then, she said: "come after me, you will know exactly why". While hearing her, I packed everything that I took out, and when I have done this, I followed her. When I was doing it I could hear voices of people who were here which only were, "she has come," and then everyone hides from her view.

While hearing them, I looked at her, and when I followed her, we come to the elevator, and then we go up. While seeing it, I looked at her, and then she said, "as you can see, we are going up."

"Yep," I said.

"As you might not know, we are now changing your workplace as there it wasn't your main," she said.

"Excuse me," I said, while looking at her.

"You will know all soon," she said, and when I nodded the elevator stopped and when she walked out, I followed her and when I come to one room which probably was more expensive than my entire flat. When I was looking around, she said, "nowhere is your new workplace and your contract which you signed is there. Oh, I almost forgot all plans, what you need to do is hidden on the first right shelf, read it carefully."

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"OK," I said to her, and when she started walking out, I looked at her, and then I said, "might I have a question."

"Yes," she said, while looking at me.

"Position which I applied had the lowest payment. If I remember correctly, it was fifteen hundred," I said.

"Yes, but weekly," she said. While hearing her words, I looked at her, and then I grabbed a table, and I said, "it's impossible in which position I applied."

"You are secretary of the CEO," she said. While hearing her, I looked at her, and then I said, "impossible."

"Possible look at the metal plate on your desk," she said, and then she walked out. When she has done this I walked there, and then I read aloud, "Joe Jonson, secretary of the CEO," on the doors. While looking at it, I take it, and when I cleaned it once again, I still couldn't believe that I have this position. When I stand there for some time without moving, I wake up at one point, and when I have done this, I walked to the chair, and then I sit on it, and when I started PC, I could see that the password still was the same. While seeing it, I smiled as I don't need to learn a new one and when I have done this, I looked at the notebook which she said, and then I started studying it.

In CEO office. ( Megan POV)

When I looked at Eve, I said, "so how it goes."

"Good, he couldn't believe that it happened," she said while starting laughing. While hearing her, I looked at her, and then I said, "you know why I make it faster."

"Yes, I know," she said, and when she looked at me, she said, "it's good that he found them."

"Yes, have you talked with Alice if she found something new about him?" I asked.

"Nothing new," she said.

"OK, so now you can come back to your work. I will look at everything," I said.

"Yes sir," she said while smiling at me, and when she has done this, she walked out. While seeing it, I looked at my screen, and when I have done this, I could see that Joe is standing there. While seeing it, I looked at watch how long it will take him to start working, and as only a few minutes have passed, he started reading my schedule. While seeing it, I started doing my work as I let him have an hour or so to know what he needs to do. When I was working, I take a break, and when I looked at the screen, I could see that he is still studying it.

While seeing it, I started the intercom, and I said: "please come to my office." While hearing it, he moved, and then he goes out and after a few seconds knocking come. While hearing it, I said, "come" while opening doors. When I have done this, he comes inside, and then he said, "hello."

"Hi," I said, and when he looked at me, he asked, "might I have a question."

"Yes," I said while looking at him and curiosity rise in me about what he wants to ask.

"Is your ankle good? After what happened two weeks ago," he asked.

"Yes, all good," I said to him, as I was surprised that he asks about it. When he has done this, I started telling him what he has to do and when I ended, he only nodded and then walked out.

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