2 Perfect score

Eight years later, in the University closing ceremony.

When I looked around, I could see that almost half of my year had their certificates. While seeing them, I waited for my time to come. As I waited more and more minutes, which slowly become an hour, finally I could hear "Joe Jonson".

While hearing it, I get up somehow, and when I take my crutches, I walked slowly to take my diploma from ending university with a perfect score. When I slowly walk as I couldn't move my left leg almost at all, as it's in orthotics around my knee which blocked it good. As I slowly walked there, I looked at the paper which the headmaster gives me, and when I had it in my hand, I walked back while hearing clapping from everyone. When I had it, I sit once again, and then the last words from the headmaster had come. After them, I know that I want to go out, at last, so I waited for everyone to go out with their parents, to have a party as for me work waited for an hour.

As I come out from school, slowly my steps go to the bus stop, and as it's our last days of student licence, I drove home. While being there thanks to the elevator, I come to the seventh floor where my flat was.

"I'm home," I said when I walked in, but nobody answered me, my mom die fifteen years ago, my grandparents in a car accident seven years ago just a few months after my accident, and my father I don't know where he is as he left mom when I was two and mom never told me who he is, and truly, I don't care about him now. When I walked to my room, I looked at bills that were on the table, and I needed to pay as fast as possible if not, all will be cut down, and soon I will be kicked out from here.

While seeing it, I changed somehow, and then without eating anything for a full day, I walked down to my work which is in the bookshop which I only need to sit and check books which people give back, as its small bookshop which is there from the day I can remember.

When I come to my workplace, I looked at the doors, and as they were closed somehow, I walked back, and while seeing that there is close too, I could only hear, "they sold everything today."

"Really," I asked a woman wearing a formal dress, who looked at me with a big smile. While hearing me, she said, "yes, everything is sold here, and soon the mall will be here," and while hearing her, I nodded, and as knowing that I have nothing to do, my only option now is going to meet greaves of my family, and then waiting to meet the doctor as visit I have today and see what he can say about my knee now. When I started walking away, she looked at me, and when she gives me a little money, she said: "it's what they told me to give you".

While seeing it, I could see that it's only half which I earned but still, for most important bills it enough. When I drove to commentary by bus, I come there, after half of the hour, and without thinking slowly, I could see the grave of them. When I come there, I started talking to them while crying a little as I missed them so much.

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As I was doing it, I reasoned what happened to me in my past two weeks in which I haven't met them as exams results come. When I have done this, I said, "I will be going now," and when I get up, I walked back to the bus stop, and as the rain started going, which slowed my walk, I finally come there, and I waited for the bus. As I waited a few minutes it had come, and then I went to the hospital.

When I was driving there, no free seat was so while standing, their pain once again comes to me, but slowly I could only keep standing, nothing else I could do. When time passed, I come to the hospital, and while being there, I looked at a place which for the past five years I come often. As I slowly go there, doors open in front of me, and while seeing reception, and queue which is huge, and almost doesn't move, I said to myself, 'fuck what it is rush hours,' and then I stand there.

When I did it waiting for one again comes, and slowly pain in my knee started rising. While feeling it only thanks to crutches, I haven't fallen on the ground, and as I finally come there, the receptionist recognized me, and then she said: "oh welcome again, the doctor is free at this time number or the room, you should know."

"Thank you," I said while smiling, and then going to the second floor, and what is more important, walking for almost the whole hospital waiting for me. As for the elevator, I don't need to wait long, and what lucky it was empty, I walked inside, and as I go to the second floor, I walked out of it after a few seconds and then walking to the doctor room started for me. As I finally come there, after five minutes doctor, just comes out, and while seeing me, he said: "Oh, Joe, you come here."

"Yes, I want to know if everything that, I was told to do come," I said to him.

"Oh, I haven't checked yet, come inside," he said, and when I nodded, I go there, and as I sit on the bed, I waited for him to come back. When I was doing it, relief on my knee comes to me, but still, the pain was huge. As I waited the doctor come back while reading papers, and as he sits, and done it, he said, "everything heals good, and only now you can feel the pain coming in drastically changed of weather."

"So I can take this out," I asked him.

"Yes, you can slowly walk without it but be careful, and once a week, come here still as your synovial fluid is low, and we need to add there," he said. While hearing his words, I nodded, and then he comes closer to me, and he said: "so tell me, how are you feeling."

"Not so bad," I said to him and while hearing me, he smiled, and then he said, "but, you know that, no more football."

"Yes, my dreams and hopes go to dawn," I said to him, as I tried to forget what happened this day eight years ago in my last year of high school, which destroyed me psychically and mentally. While hearing me, he looked into my eyes, and then he said, "so rehabilitation now, and you can come back walking normally."

"Thank you," I said, and when we shake our hands, I walked out, and while being outside, I just looked around and then walked down. While coming there, just I know that I need to find a new place to work, another way, I will be homeless, and what is more important, I need to for now eat something. As hunger rise in me, I walked slowly to a cheap ramen place, and I know that everything there is good.

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