6 No assistant or secretary

On CDN the highest floor. (Megan POV)

When I looked at the city view in front of me, a smile shows up on my face once again. As I looked there, I started thinking about the good opponent in business who show up but their renown wasn't as good as CDN so TTH had no chance of winning this business from me now. When I was looking for some time, I turned, and when I sit on my chair, I looked at five screens on my PC, two was on what is happening in branches, third for what I needed, fourth emails and other things, and last one for security. When I was looking at it, I could see that my best friend walked closer to my doors, and before she could knock, I opened the doors for her. When I have done this, I said formally to my Vice President, "some problems."

"No," Sofia said, and when she closed the doors, she looked at me, and then she said, "you make a perfect deal."

"As I don't know," I said to her while smiling, and then I could see that she walked to make tea. While seeing her, I said, "I could ask someone to make it for us."

"Who," Sofia asked, and when I looked at her, she takes a deep breath, and she said, "you had no assistant or secretary for the past half a year."

"You know why," I said to her.

"Yes, and that's why you should try to have a new one," she said while looking at me, and when she filled glasses with water, she comes closer to me, and then I said, "not like that."

"Oh, well, you will drink it," she said, and when I looked at her, she continues, "maybe you will not announce it as this position, but somewhere lower?"

"Oh, it might be a good idea," I said to her as then spies will not go as I will make, a small position in the area in which they can't access our system. While I looked at her, I drank a little tea, and then I said, "you sometimes can think."

"Girl, I know what I'm doing. How long you know me," she asked.

"Long enough that sometimes you have, terrible ideas," I said to her.

"So lunch," she asked.

"No, I need to work," I said to her. While hearing me, she looked into my eyes, and then she said, "go home, you spend the last month here for eighteen hours a day," the last part she screamed.

"I know what I'm doing," I said to her.

"No, end for today and go home and rest," she said, and when I looked at her, I know that she wanted to take care of my health as really often I overwork myself. While hearing her words, I ended tea, and then I said, "an hour, and I will go."

"OK," she said, and when she looked at me, I said, "now go."

"I'm going," she said, and when she walked out, I have done the papers which I needed to do, and when I have done everything, I go to the elevator which is connected directly to my office, and then I ride down. When I come down, I looked at my McLaren, and when I sit inside, I started it, and then I drove back home. As of now, it's before rush hours I don't need to wait, and after half of the hour, I come to my villa. While being in this big place alone once again, I checked what I have to eat in the fridge, and when I started heating it up, I waited for it. When the microwave ended, I take my food, and then I started eating as for the past few months I haven't cooked and this meal started becoming the same. When I have done this only what is left now for me, it's watching TV and then sleep. As I choose what I will do, I take a short shower, and then I started watching TV to see what is happening when I haven't checked. When I was doing it, I couldn't relax as it's the first time for many days' maybe weeks that, I have free time.

In a park, when this all was happening, in CDN the highest floor. (Joe POV)

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When I was sitting for some time while reading the newspaper, I have done it all, and then I walked back home. While being there, I make food, and when I have done this, I eat and then resting time has come.

When the next day has come, I rested and prepared everything that I will need, and when I have done this, I especially make my phone off as I don't want anybody to disturb me and while having it all I walked rested more while reading books and when next day has come which is my interviews, I know that I need to wake up early and when I changed to new clothes; I walked out for the first interview.

When I come to the first company, I waited for many hours to have it, but then I found out that the position is taken. 'Fuck,' I said to myself, and then I come back home. When my next seven interviews were the same in the next days, and only I found out that they have someone on it without looking at my papers, anger slowly started rising in me. When I come home after eight, I throw myself on the bed, and when I take the book, I couldn't start reading it. While I was looking around, I walked to check how much money left and while seeing that only for food I started thinking to choose a job which Matt propose to me. As I was doing it, I walked back to my room and when I accidentally touched my coat piece of paper go out. While seeing it, I looked at it, and then I filled it. When I have done this, I didn't know if work there will wait for me, but always I can go and check.

When I hide it, I take my backpack where I had all papers and then walk to the CDN building. As of now, I could walk for longer but still I needed to take breaks I come there, and when I looked at the doors, I asked someone who was in the queue, "something is happening."

"Yes, today is the day with interviews," a girl around my age said. While hearing her, I smiled, and then I waited there. When I was doing it, the queue started slowly moving. While seeing it, I walked there while feeling that soon my knee can't take it, I could see a bench there, so I sit and waited when my time will come.

When I was doing it the guy who was behind me moved to almost the entrance, and then I walked there, and while seeing me, he nodded, and then I walked in front. While some voices of unhappiness come, I didn't care, and then I walked inside a room. While being there, I looked at positions that go mostly with a monthly payment, and as probably everyone comes here for the best one, I choose the worst one. When I have done this, and I give the back paper to the person who gives me it, he looked at it, and then he said, "are you sure."

"Can I sit there for all work?" I asked.

"Yes," he said.

"So it's good," I said. While hearing me, he nodded, and then he said, "room twenty-two."

"OK," I said to him, and when I walked there.

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