7 Mole

A few hours earlier. (Megan POV)

When in the morning, Sofia wake me up, she only said: "remember girl today we might have a new assistant for you.". While hearing her words, I said, "I know, and I will take an interview?"

"Megan, are you sure," she asked.

"Yes," I said.

"I don't how you told me," she said.

"Good, now I need to come and start taking it," I said.

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"OK, come I will apply to make upon you, and then you can start taking it," she said.

"OK," I said to her, and after an hour, I come to the company, and when I was there, she gives me clothes which I will never wear, and she made makeup. When she has done this, I walked to the room in which interview for a position which she created to come, but for the past six hours, nobody comes. While I was waiting, I started checking everything that is happening, and when I was doing it, I watched each of the interviews which were going on now. As I was doing it, food has come here, and as nobody asked me who I am as Sofia to make a lie that I come here from a branch only to help with it, I waited and waited for someone to come.

When I was doing it, and I almost fall asleep waiting for someone to finally come. While seeing the young man coming inside, I looked at him, and I said, "Hello, I'm Helen," and then I show my ID, which was fake. While seeing it, he looked at me, and when we shake our hands he said, "Joe."

"So you come to apply for this position," I asked.

"Yes," he said, and then I could see that he started taking out documents. While seeing how many he has, I looked at him, and when he passed them to me, I started checking them. When I was doing it, few catch my attention as there were achievements which a normal person couldn't have. While I was looking at it, I looked at him, and then I said, "you know that you can always apply for a better position."

"Maybe I can, but I need a job as fast as possible," he said while looking at me. When he was doing it, I looked at him, and when I give them back, I said: "so you just ended university."

"Yes," he said.

"Based on papers companies, should fight for you," I said as I wanted to know better him. When I was looking at him, he said, "you see nobody comes after me."

"Oh," I said as I needed to take note of why we haven't contacted him. When I looked at him, his phone started ringing, and then he said "sorry," and when he cut it immediately, I recognized what model he has and while seeing almost twenty years old phone in the guy my age who is using it, I tried to not shake my head. When I looked at him, he said, "I'm sorry."

"No problem," I said to him, and when I looked at him, I started asking him questions. When I was doing it, he answered all of them, and when he has done this, I looked at him, and then I said: "I will contact you."

"OK," he said, and when he walked out, I looked at him, and then I texted Alice, 'check Joe Jonson in our database'. When I have done this, I'm sure that he should be there. When I had no answer from her for the next hour, and nobody come I'm done here, and when I take all papers which I had, and what is a more important CV which the only one gives me, I walked to the IT department, but first I needed to change so only what is left I go out, and then I looked at Sofia which was coming back, and then I said: "I need to change."

"You need to," she said, and then I walked after her. When I come to her office, I looked at her, while taking clothes from me, and then she gives me one, and she said: "so you run away."

"I just walked away," I said to her.

"So many people there that you couldn't stay here," she asked.

"No, only one," I said.

"Really," she asked.

"Yes, now call for Alice, I need to take off this makeup," I said to her, and when I walked to the bathroom to start taking it out, I have done this after some time, and now when I looked at my face without it, I walked out and while seeing Alice inside I said to her "why you haven't answered me."

"I haven't seen it," Alice said, and when I looked at her, I said, "check if he studied there," while giving her Joe papers. When she looked at them, she said, "hold on, you know I'm in charge to look for promising people."

"Yes, and you haven't seen him," I said.

"Moment," she said, and when she takes her phone out she called someone, and after a few rings, someone said, "yes Alice, you want something from me". While hearing it, I could recognize the voice of the professor under who Alice was. While hearing his words, she said, "professor, I have a question."

"I have always timed for my best student," he said.

"Did Joe Jonson studied in university?" Alice asked.

"Yes, I remember him a perfect score by all five years of being a student," he said.

"OK, thank you," Alice said, and when the professor hangs out, she looked at me, and then she said, "I don't know why I haven't seen him."

"Mole," Sofia said.

"Probably," I said, and then I looked at Alice, and I said, "make a background check and tell me later what you find out now I need to take care of my business."

"OK," Alice said with Sofia, and when they said it, I walked back to see what has happened and think if I want to have Joe, as my assistant if nobody more will apply but based on people who left I know that nobody will do it. When I come to my office, I walked to my desk, and then I started thinking for sure I needed to see Joe as not only be studied at the same university, but we are at the same age but why to be ended now. With these thoughts, I started working.

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