5 Job for you

When I had hidden it, Matt's voice comes "oh, you are here."

"Something happened?" I turned my head to him, and when I looked at him, he said, "no nothing, you haven't answered your phone."

"Oh, I left it at home," I said.

"OK, let's go. I have some good news," he said.

"Which are," I asked him.

"Job for you," he said, and when I looked at him, I get up, and then I walked after him. When I walked to his car I looked at him, and then I said: "where."

"Oh shop," he said. While hearing his words, I nodded, and then he drove me there. When we come after some time there, he looked at me, and when he pointed where I looked at him, and then I said "no."

"Why it's the only shop which is hiring now," he said.

"No," I said while seeing the banner which is there, I don't want to work there. While hearing me, he started laughing, and then, he said: "it's an only sex shop."

"That's why," I said, as it's not the first time when he helps me with finding jobs and this is one of his craziest ideas. While hearing me, he said, "so no."

"Yes, no, I will be not working there," I said.

"OK, so you have some other plans," he asked.

"Maybe I will search, and thanks to what I have learned I will find," I said to him, and when he heard me, he nodded, and then he said, "OK, so not this."

"Yep," I said, and when he nodded, he started driving me somewhere. While we were driving, for some time, we come to a bar, and while being there, he said: "so, now beer I'm paying."

"We are drinking too much," I said.

"So what soon I will go work, I have a job now, so only now I have time," he said, and while hearing his words, I nodded, and then we walked out and walked inside. While being there, I go to our normal seat, and then he comes back with beers, and when I have one in front of me, I drank a little, and then I said "stronger."

"Yep, it might be our last one, as a father wants me to go as fast as possible to work," Matt said.

"Oh, so he," I said.

"Yes," he said, and when he takes deep breaths, he continues "father, friend company."

"Oh, so good luck," I said, and then we started drinking, without talking. When we were doing it, I could see that he texted someone, and when he has done this, I have done it, and then I said: "I will be going now."

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"OK," Matt said to me, and then I walked out. When I have done this, I started walking back home. When I come there, I looked around, and when I was doing it, I take my equipment which helped me with walking for past years, and after hiding it, I lay, and then I come back to reading. As I was doing it, night has come, and while seeing it, I turned lights and walked to sleep.

When the next day has come I looked around, and when I was doing it, the bathroom called me, and when I used it, I looked at the paper, and then I started calling. As I was doing it, in ten companies which I found, eight told me where I should go, and which hour. When I have done all talks the soonest one is in two days so now while having one again free time I planned to stay in the home for the entire time as the food I have here.

When time passed me on reading, and I have done reading books which I borrowed from the library, and I had nothing to read only one thing left, and when I packed everything in the backpack, I walked out, and then I go to the library by bus. After I come there, I looked around at the bad feeling I had, and then I walked inside. While being there, I give back books, and when I have done this, I choose five new ones. When I had them, I started walking back home. As I was doing it, short break I needed to take a knee one again started showing, that it's not fully healed, and when I sit, I started reading a newspaper, which I found on the bench. When I was doing it title of it was only 'Empress one again won.'

While seeing it, I know this title as it's for CEO of CDN Company Megan Clark. While seeing it, once again no photo of her was shown. While seeing it, I turned the page as it wasn't interesting for me as what she wants she can take it, and then I started reading rest.

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