18 How is your knee now?

(Megan POV)

When I was driving, I looked from time to time at Joe, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, and while still, I had in mind the meeting which we had; I know that someone is working not for me as changes there are small at the start, but it moves to millions in end.

'Fucking hell,' I said to myself while driving, and as we come to the shopping mall, I parked there, and when I walked out, I could see that Joe take his backpack. While seeing it, I said, "keep it inside, take only your phone."

"OK," Joe said to me, and when he left it there, we walked inside as for sure I need to buy for him something now especially gel, a new shirt, jeans as he can't be presented like that when we will be in the next meetings. While we walked inside, I started going around shops. While I was there, I choose some clothes for him, and after taking them, he walked to check them. When he has walked out, I could hear a voice, "JJ, what are you doing here."

"Oli, how are you," Joe said while shaking their hand with someone. While I looked at them, I could recognize that it's one of the best footballers which are on the front pages of many magazines. While I looked at them, Oli said, "so how are you."

"Good," Joe said.

"How is your knee now?" Oli asked.

"Better, good that I didn't have an amputation," Joe said. While hearing his words, I looked at Joe, as I don't know what he means, and when I was doing it, the girl comes to them, and then she said, "babe, I'm ready."

"Ok, I'm going, I hope we will see you soon," Oli said, and when he passed close to me, his girlfriend said, "who is this guy."

"Better talent that I, but after this horrible injury, he can't play," Oli said, and as they walked away more, I couldn't hear what they were talking about. When Joe comes to me, he said, "it's all good."

"Great to know," I said to him, and when I looked around, I bought a few more things. When I have done this, we walked out as Joe had bags and when I walked to other shops, he stays outside. When I was there, I bought for him other things too, and when I had done this, I left bags for him, and then I looked for what I could buy. As I was doing it, I had new clothes, and while having them, I said: "go and left bags in the car."

"Ok," he said, and when he takes, the keys and diaper, I looked more at what I can buy, and when I was doing it, I have done this, and then I walked out. When I have done this, he comes back, and when he gives me the keys back, I said: "now, let's eat."

"OK boss," he said, and when I looked at him, I walked to one of the restaurants, which I like here. When I was there, I ordered what I wanted while Joe hasn't ordered food, but the tea. While seeing it I looked at him, and then I said, "why haven't you ordered."

"It's too expensive," he said to me.

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While hearing him, I looked into his eyes, and when I have done this, I smiled, and I said, "so now what you are planning to do."

"Maybe I will eat something, somewhere else," he said, and when he looked at me, he smiled. While seeing it, I shake my head, and when I have done this, I waited for the food to come. When it has come, I looked at it, and when I take it, I started eating. While I was doing it, I could feel that meat is spicy like I like, and when I was consuming it I have done this after some time, and then, I looked at Joe, who was looking at me. Then I said: "now we will come back to work."

"OK," he said, and when he has done, his tea, I looked at him, and when I cleaned my face, I paid for everything, and when I have done this, I walked out. When I come to the car, I looked at it, and when I was doing it, I said to him, "we will have the next part of work now, I don't know when we will end it."

"OK," he said to me, and when I drove back to the building, I go directly in as earlier I told them that today, I will not come any more, but like I make this strategy many times, I come there. When I walked to the office of the branch director, I could see that he is cleaning a few things there. While seeing it, I said, "stop now," and when I have done this, he looked at me with papers in the middle air, and when he hasn't listened to me, I walked there, and when I take them, I said, "now out". While hearing me, he wanted to do something, but when Joe come closer to him and helped me take him away, I started looking at what he has done there. I started reading what was there.

As I read the first part, I know what he wanted to hide so much. When I looked at it, I checked everything there. When I was doing it, I could see exactly what he was doing here, and as it wasn't for what I have come as truly, I didn't know that this is happening. I looked at Joe. Then I said, "so now, let's see what he has done."

"Boss, something happened," Joe asked me.

"Yes," I said to him, and when I show his papers, he looked at them, and then he said, "oh, so he has done this."

"Yes," I said, and when I sit, I copied all files, which he had on his computer, and then I send them to Alice. When I have done this, I take my phone, and while I could see that it's dead, I said: "give me a phone."

"Ok," Joe said, and when he had given me it, I called Alice as I know her number, and when she answered, I said, "work has come, check everything."

"Ok," she said to me, and when I hang out, I started looking at what he has here. As I was doing it, I could see that Joe stands there, and as I was seeing it, I said, "sit and check this". When he hears me, he takes the papers which were on the table, and when he had them, he started checking them. When he was doing it, I checked there everything, and as I had proof, I could easily charge him for what he had done, and as he was here for over five years, he might take over a million. While I looked at everything, I continue my hard work by checking it. When the night has come outside, I looked still on the monitor while checking everything in the database. As I was doing it, Joe said, "boss is enough for today."

"It's a good idea," I said to him, and when I packed everything, I walked out.

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