4 Hate liars

When we come there I goodbye to him, and when I slowly come back home as the weather changed drastically and heavy rain comes, I walked to my flat, and when I was there, I looked around, and when I drank a little water, I come back to bed and started, resting while reading.

As I was doing it a night, has come, and when I fall asleep while reading, I only get up the next day. When I have done this, I looked around, and after the morning routine, I walked out to pay bills.

When I needed to use two-third of the money for them, I take a little more, and as the weather good was outside, I started slowly walking to the post office to pay for them. When I was doing it, I could feel in half of my walk that knee slowly started hurting me, and when I found the closest bench, I sit in the park which is located, in front of the biggest company in our city, maybe the biggest in the country. While I looked at it, I said in a low voice, "good to be work there".

When I said it, I know that from the money which I earn there, I can live peacefully, and what is more important, I can take one more operation which might fix my knee. When I looked there, a voice comes to me, "oh, so you want to work in there."

"Maybe, it might sound bad, but I can always dream," I said to a woman, which is almost the same age as me. While hearing me, she smiled, and as she walked closer to me, she accidentally hit my knee, and while feeling pain coming from there, tears come to my eyes, and I started massaging it. While I was doing it, she said, "something happened."

"Nothing," I said to her, as I don't want her to feel bad. While she looked at me, she said, "you know that they are recruiting."

"Oh, maybe I will apply," I said to her. While hearing me, she looked at me, and then she said, "you know it will be hard."

"I don't care where I will be working, as only I will need to sit," I said to her.

"Oh, we have only jobs like that," she said.

"OK," I said to her, and when I take my phone out, I looked at which hour is, and then I said, "I need to go it, was a nice talk."

"By," she said to me, and when I nodded to her, I come back walking as the pain still was big, but I wanted to do this before the first rush hours in the post office. When I come there, I could see that nobody was there, so it only takes me a few seconds, and when I have paid for everything, I come out and then the break I needed to take.

When I sit, I started massaging my knee. When I was doing it, I moved my shorts up a little, and when I have done this, I looked at the knee, and then I massaged it a little. When I have done this, I move it back like it, was and then, I waited for few more minutes as the pain go away and then with the money which I had I go shopping as I needed to fill finally fridge and what is more important, as I have just done my university, and my age hit twenty-six I need to buy some new clothes. First, what I decided, it goes and when I bought, food as a lot of was on sale I go with a bag in my hand and few breaks to look if somewhere I can buy cheap clothes.

When I was going around, and especially I miss brand shops, I found a cheap place, and after buying a new pair of jeans and a few shirts, I walked with my shopping home. When I come there, after more breaks as knee hurt me so much, I unpacked everything, and when I have done this, I looked at dirty clothes, and as I needed to start washing machine, I have done this and while having it done I come back to reading.

When I was doing it, one break comes for me as simple food as I made, and when I eat one again, only this I come back to reading and then to do housework. When I have done this knocking, to doors come. While hearing it, I come there, and then I said while opening doors, "yes."

"When payment will go," men looked at me. While hearing his words, I looked at him, and then I said, "I paid today," as it's for the place. While hearing me, he looked at me, and then he said, "Joe, you know that I hate liars."

"Today, I paid for it at the post office," I repeated myself. While I looked at him, I take from my pants what left, and when I show him. When he looked at it, and then, he said, "OK," and then, he walked away. While seeing him, I close doors, and then I said, "good that I paid for it too," and then I come back to what I was doing. When I have done this and nothing here was to do I looked around, and as I make now slow steps to my room, I stopped in the middle of doing it, and then I walked to the washing machine, and while seeing that it has ended, I take everything from there, and then I hang it.

As I have done this, I felt more and more exhausted, and it's the middle of the day still decided to have a nap. When I have done this, I slept well, and when I wake up still the sun was out, so I could only do it to walk out. When I have done this, I walked to the park, and while being there again, I meet a girl from earlier. While seeing her talking with someone, I sit on the bench while not paying attention to what is happening around me, and as I was there, I could hear her voice, "oh, we meet again."

"Yes," I said to her.

"So maybe now we can talk, as you are not in a hurry," she said.

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"Yes, we can," I said to her, and when she sits she looked at me, and then she said, "so you want to work in CDN."

"I wish to work there but what I can do is only applied for a free position," I said to her. While hearing me, she nodded, and then she takes something from her bag, and she said, "please fill it and send it."

"What it is," I asked her.

"Oh, information's which can help you with having a job," she said and when her phone rang, she answered and after only saying yes she looked at me, and then she said, "and now I need to run."

"Have a nice day" I said to her, and when I started reading what she gives me, I looked at it and as they are simple questions, I can always fill it and then apply for a position there.

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