1 From love to hate

When I wake up, I looked around at the nice hotel where I was now. While seeing that I'm in the hotel room alone, the doors were open, and then my roommate said: "Joe, get up, we will have breakfast soon."

"I'm going," I said to him, and when I slowly moved from the bed as still, I could feel yesterday training, in my legs, I walked to use the bathroom, and when I had done there all, I go to change, and while having tracksuit on me, I walked to the elevator, and then I go downstairs. While being there, I could see the whole team is eating now, and as I walked to take what was made, I grabbed scrabble eggs and toasts, and while having them, I walked to my place.

As I was there, I started eating while all around silence has come, which was ongoing as our coach hate when someone is talking while eating. While this was happening, I had done my breakfast, and while feeling a little hungry, I don't want to go on training full as I would throw up all after the small run.

When I walked out, I looked at the coach who was waiting for close to doors, and then he said: "Joe, come to me."

"Yes," I said to him, and when I walked closer to him, he looked at me, and he said, "next official game, you will be the captain."

"OK," I said while keeping the stock face, as I wanted to jump from happiness. When I nodded, I walked out as the coach didn't want anything more from me, and as I walked back to my room, I looked around of it, and while I was doing it, I packed all that I needed for today training, and when I had it all in my bag, I walked downstairs to take a banana and wait for a bus to come. As I come downstairs, I take it, and while I slowly started eating, I looked at the squad while they were coming downstairs, and as they had come, I smiled as I'm probably the youngest member of our U21 squad, and the most important role comes to me, and it's being captain.

While I looked at them, they were in their groups, and as I was alone here, I just could not look at them and observe what is happening. As the bus has come, I throw away what was left of the banana, and then I walked in as places there were to choose from and for me left the worst one just close to the second doors. While I walked in, I sit there, and while having my MP3 player with me, I played music while putting headphones on and like that thirty-five minutes of travel started to the training ground.

As it all was happening, I looked around, and while it's not the first time I look at a landscape, I like it to make myself calm. While I observed what is happening all around, time passed slowly, and as we had come to our training ground, I waited for everyone to walk out, and then I could move out. When I had done this, I followed them, and while we walked to the changing room, we changed to training equipment. While we had done this, I looked at the floor as I have nothing there to talk about. As I had changed at first, I walked out, and while taking the ball, I slowly started walking to the training pitch with it. While I was doing it, I dribbled all-around whom I found and sometimes imagined people as I love the touch of the ball on my feet, and what I can do with it. While I was doing it, I finally come to the place, and while being there, I waited for rest to come, and then our training has begun.

While this was happening first, we had small stretching, and while this was happening, we had done it after twenty minutes and then runs began for twenty meters. While we had three rows side by side, my turn has come, and as I run as fast as possible, I haven't won it. While seeing it, I know that I need to try harder in the next part. When I come back to my place, I waited there, and then my next turn has begun. While now I won of millimetres, I smiled, and I walked slowly back. As this was happening, and each group had six runs, I do withdraw, as all of us had two wins. While seeing it, I didn't like it as I was so close to winning all, but my reaction was too slow at the start. While I still fight with these thoughts coach said, "OK, now we will train corners."

"OK," we said to him, and while we started from left to one. While this has happened, I was out of the zone, and while I looked at how everyone is moving, I waited for the ball to go out as my headers are one of the worst, I could only wait for a lone ball and then shoot or pass to someone else. While this was happening, we trained it, and then we had from the other side, which is my place to shine.

While being there, I put the ball like I wanted it to be, and while having it there, I kicked it. While seeing that it goes directly to a place which I wanted, I smiled, and then I signalled how I will kick a ball, and it once again goes where I wanted. While this was happening, we trained like that, and while we have done this, we had a short break for water and then come back to training, but now it all depends on where you are playing. As I play in midfield, I go to them, and we had training of long passes.

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While this all was happening, at one point break for lunch has come, and while we come back inside, we eat it and rest for half of an hour. When this has happened, we come back to our training. While we were doing it, the slowly short game comes.

While I was in one training game with the team from nine divisions, I looked at the coach before he will choose the squad. While I was looking at him, we had ended our training, and while we had a short break to calm. When I lay on the glass, I smiled while I felt exhausted but nice as I love this game. While I was like that, I looked around, and while I could see that one again in groups teammates go, and I slowly felt lonely, but what I can say as mostly they are teammates, and I only play in third division but one thing I'm better as I play for the main National team, and mostly that's why they dislike me. While I looked around, I could feel that rain started going. While feeling it on my face, I looked more about the coach, and then he said aloud, "let's go."

"OK," everyone said to him and when we walked after him, and as I walked inside, I sit in my place and then the squad was selected. While seeing that I'm not in starting one, I looked at who was chosen, and while seeing them, I could see that he choose who played most in U21. While seeing them, the coach started showing tactic, and while I listen to him, I saw many things there. While it has ended the opposite team has come, and while seeing that they had changed, we walked out too, and as was still raining we go on the pitch.

While being there, I sit on a bench, and then I started looking at the match. While this was happening, I could see where we should change and some bad plays. As I observed them, playing the first quarter of the first half has ended, and then thanks to a bicycle kick, we score a goal. As this has happened, we jumped from our benches, and then we started clapping to our striker. While this has happened, the game was ongoing, and until we hit the end of the first half of the game, we score four more. While this has happened, the coach said to me, "you will stay and stretch good, the next half, you are going in."

"OK," I said to him, and while most of the teammates walked back to the changing room, I left there, and then I stretch. While I was doing it for fifteen minutes, which half was ongoing, everyone comes back and then once again we started the game. As this has happened, I go on the pitch, and after having the ball passed to me, I take it, and as I dribbled around a few people. As I had a little free space, I passed it to our striker, and as he was one versus one with the opposite goalkeeper, he scores a nice goal over his head.

While this has happened, we celebrate with him as he has a hat trick. While this has happened, we continue our game, which changed after I come in, and our lead goes much more. While seeing that its eight zero corners from the left side we had and as I left outside the box, I waited for the ball to come, and while seeing it coming, I prepared to volley as I couldn't pass to someone else, as they were offside or cover and while my feet touched the ball from my left, I could feel on my knee that someone slide tacked me.

While I kicked a ball in the air, and fall on the ground with tears coming from my eyes and pain from a broken knee, I looked at whom done this, and then he stepped on my knee one again with a smile on his face. While seeing it, I pass out from pain with one thought 'it's ending carrier tackle which destroyed my love for this beautiful game.'

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