12 Find yourself a good man

On the ninth floor of CDN company. (Joe POV)

When I have done my work in a really short time, and I wrote what in my opinion will happen next based on what I had as nothing else I had to do, I have done for the end of the year and when someone comes to take them; I used the bathroom, and now I started writing for next three years. As I was doing it, someone knocked on my doors, and when I could see a woman around my age, I said "yes."

"Oh, you are Joe," she asked.

"Yes," I said.

"I looked at you, and you haven't gone for lunch," she said.

"I'm not hungry," I said to her, and when I smiled at her, she nodded and then she walked out. While seeing it, I come back to doing what I started. When I was doing it, time passed fast, and when I looked at which hour is I could see that sixteen has come. While seeing it, I get up, and after taking an empty thermos, I packed it into my bag and then I walked out of the company. When I have done this, I looked at my muted phone, and while seeing that nobody called to me, I go directly to take the bus as my knee hurt me, and the change of weather incoming. When I was there, I come back home not long after, and when I was there I eat, and as I have done this, I checked one more time how much money left, and when I have done this, I could see that if I go with food like now, I can three times more for ramen which in calculations is only a little more expensive, but still, I need to count money.

When I counted, and make a list for shopping, I go out, and I go to make it, as today is sale time, and I can buy it cheaper. When I come to shop, I followed the list, which I had, and without buying anything I paid a little over my budget, but still, I couldn't resist tea which I like is in a big package, and it will easily leave me for more than two months.

When I had everything, I started walking back home. As I was doing it, some girl bump on me, and while seeing that her heel broke, I catch her, and then I said, "Is everything all right."

"Yes," she said, and when she wanted to walk more, she once again falls almost, and when I catch her again, I said, "it will be dangerous."

"Oh, can you help me go to a shop where I can buy shoes," she asked.

"Ok," I said to her, and when I helped her walk there, I looked at her, and I said, "do you need some other help."

"No thanks," she said, and when I smiled at her, I come back home.

Inside of the shoe shop. ( Megan POV)

When I looked at Joe, walking away, I slowly walked to where the woman section is, as I know that Alice idea about checking him and meeting is a bad idea, but when she told Sofia what only left me that accept it, but they will know, why some people call me evil empress soon. When I thought about it, an evil smile shows up, and while having it, I take the first pair which are my size and without looking at them too much or the price, I only checked if they are black, which they were I put them on, and with the box, I walked to pay for them. When I have done this, I walked out, and then, I could see that Joe waiting there, and when he saw me, he asked, "Is everything good with your ankle."

"Yes, all is good, thank you," I said to him, and when he smiled at me, I could see that for sure he walked now away. While seeing it, I started walking back to the car. When I was doing it, I saw it, and when I walked inside I looked at Sofia, and then I said: "you are dead, same Alice."

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"What have I done?" she asked.

"You will know soon, but now I'm thinking, you have not enough work," I said while looking into her eyes, and when I was doing it, I could see fear in them. While seeing it, I smiled, and then I said: "now drive me back to the company, and you will have a lot of work."

"Tell me what has happened," she said while looking at me.

"You will know in your time now drive, and I will tell this, he hasn't recognized me."

"So he can't be a spy," she said.

"Yes, and based on what I saw in his bag, I can tell that his life is hard only product for sale and those worst," I said.

"Oh, you saw it. I can tell you I send someone to follow him, and he only bought food, which was on sale," Sofia said.

"You one again using Kevin," I said while looking at her.

"Our condoms ended, and as he needed to buy a new one, I told him to do it there," she smiled.

"You and your husband," I said while rolling my eyes, as I don't want to know more details of their private life.

"What, girl you should soon find yourself a good man, and then you will never be so cold even to your best friend," she said.

"Ok, drive me back to the company, I need to ride to my parents as headache is coming," I said, and when I looked at her, she smiled, and when we go to the garage, I come out, and when I go to my car, I drove to my parents' house.

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