9 Expect you today

When I come to the company building, I looked around and while yesterday nobody tells me where I should go, I walked to the receptions, and while being there, I waited for a short queue, and when my time come I said, "hello."

"Hello," the receptionist said.

"I'm here to sign papers. My name is Joe Jonson," I said.

While hearing me, she looked at me, and then she said, "please wait there."

"OK," I said while seeing the couch, and when I walked there. When I come close to it, I take a backpack, and then I sit and started, waiting. As I was doing it, I could see that many people come and as they waited for only a few minutes, they were taken. While seeing it, I looked around, and as more time passed, I take the newspaper which was on the table, and then I started reading it. When I was doing it for around an hour or so, and while seeing that nothing has happened, I get up, and while seeing where the bathroom is, I walked there, and when I have done what I needed, I come back to sit and wait. As I was doing it, I looked at the receptionist from time to time, and I continue reading. As I was doing it, I could see that there are mostly business magazines. When I had done third in, who knows how long I was there, my phone started ringing. While seeing an unknown number, I answered, and then I said "yes."

"Hello, is it Joe Jonson," voice comes?

"Yes," I said.

"Might I know if I can expect you today?" the woman said. While hearing her words, I asked, "might I know from where is this phone call."

"CDN Company," she said.

"I'm downstairs waiting," I said, and then the woman said, "OK, I will be there soon, might I know what you are wearing."

"Hoodie, as nobody else has it here," I said while looking around when I said those words and when I have done this, she said, "OK, I will be there soon."

"OK," I said to her. When I waited for the next few minutes, the woman comes down, and while she looked around, she walked to me. When she comes to me, she said, "I'm Eve."

"Joe," I said while getting, and when I looked at her, she said, "sorry that you needed to wait."

"No problem," I said to her, and when she nodded, I followed her. When we come to the elevator, we go to the third floor, and while seeing many cabins there, she looked at me, and then we walked to one. While being there, she said, "here is your place for work for the next two weeks as your main isn't done, and here is a contract and everything else which you need to sign."

"OK," I said to her, and when I looked at it, I signed everything after looking at it without reading it carefully. When I was doing it, I could see some extra paper, and while seeing it, I said: "penalty here is huge."

"Yes," she said while looking at me, and when I was done signing, she looked at me, and then she gives me the password to the computer, and she said, "all files you will have here in the morning, no downloading or anything else. Same with what you need, all is there."

"OK," I said to her, and when I sit I started this PC which looked like around ten years old and when I started it I wrote a password, and when I have done this, she said, "for today you only need to read rules, and that's all."

"OK," I said to her once again, and then she walked out. While seeing it, I smiled, and then I opened pdf with them and started reading it.

The top floor of the CDN building. ( Megan POV)

When I worked the short amount of time, news about him, come to me that he comes here and is waiting there. While knowing it, I changed the camera to see what he will do while ordering to not go for him as still; I don't know why we haven't received about him, but all background check goes smoothly. When I looked at him, I let Eve go for him to sing everything while still observing it. When I was doing it, Sofia looked at me, and she said: "really, you tortured him."

"No," I said.

"Poor guy, he might be hungry," Sofia said.

"Oh, girl be quiet," I said to her while looking into her eyes. When I was doing it, she moved her hands up, and then she said, "I'm quiet."

"Good," I said, and as Eve did everything, she comes back soon, and when she walked by open doors, she said, "he signed everything, without even looking."

"What he has said," I asked while I had no camera in his room.

"Only commented that the penalty is huge, nothing more," Eve said.

"Nothing else," Sofia asked.

"No nothing, he only looked at it, and then he signed all," Eve said.

"OK, so now we will observe him, there for two weeks later next week with connection, but Alice needs to check each of his moves, and when all, be done, he might become formally my assistant," I said.

"OK," Eve and Sofia said, and while I looked at them, I said, "now go to work."

"Yayayayaya," Sofia said while eve almost bursting in a laugh while hearing his Sofia said it, and then they walked out. While seeing it, I come back to work.

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