17 Driving licence

(Megan POV)

While seeing that Joe is sleeping, I continue working, as I could hear only his quiet breaths. As I was doing it, I could see that its past midnight and while seeing it, I looked at the files which I make there, and as I saved all and then what Joe has done too as he left the working laptop saving nothing. When I had done this, I walked to my bag, and as I take it, I go to the main bedroom as I couldn't wake him up now, and I had hopes that soon he will get up and go to the bedroom. While being there, I take a quick shower, and as I had done this, I go to bed to sleep. When I wake up the next day, I walked sleepily out as I needed to have coffee after a short sleep, and when I looked around, I could see that Joe is working. While seeing it, I said, "something new."

"Nothing boss," he said, and when he turned fastback to work, I looked at him, and as I make coffee and breakfast, I walked with it to the table, and as I sit, I started working again as it's just six, and at eight we need to go to branch building. While I looked at him, I said, "have you eat," as I couldn't see if he touched anything.

"No, and I'm not hungry," he said to me, and as I looked at him, I said "OK," and as I worked for an hour, I go to change from my pyjama to formal dress, and when I have it on me, I looked at him, and then we go out as car waited for us.

In the car. ( Joe POV)

When I looked at the boss, I could see that she is a little angry, and her this morning clothes were a little too much for me, as I could see the shape of her body very well, especially her chest. While still having it in my mind, I tried not to look at her.

'Fucking hell,' I said to myself while the driver breaks heavily, and as the boss talked with him, I could see an accident in front of us. While seeing it, I looked at her, and then the driver goes another route. As she was telling something to him, we come somewhere, and as he parked, I could see that she go out, and while seeing it, I go after her. When we come out, I looked at the building in front of us, and as we come inside, I followed her.

While I was doing it, we have come to some floor, and while being there, we go directly to the meeting room. As we come there, the talks ended fast, and when she takes her place, I sit close to the doors, and while being there, the meeting started. While it was going on, I understand almost nothing as they talked in French, but I could see the numbers which were shown.

While seeing them, I take some notes. As I was doing it phone which I had called, and when I looked at it, I answered it while coming out, and then I said "yes."

"I'm talking with Joe," a female voice comes to me.

"Yes," I said.

"Give me Megan now," she said.

"OK," I said to her, and when I come back inside, I go to the boss, and when I looked at her, I said, "boss, call to you."

"OK," she said, and when she has answered, she said "yes." When she has done this, she listens for some time, and then she said "I'm giving him back," and when I take the phone from her hand, I walked out, and then I said "yes."

"You can see that she is now in her bossy state. Look at her and what is most important, I send on your email everything, that you need there," she said.

"OK," I said to her while don't know what the first part means, but second I understand, and when the call ended, I walked back inside, and while being there, I take from my backpack laptop, and while having it, I started working. As I was doing it, I take notes which were there. As I was doing it, I could see that many people looked at me there, and as I don't care about them as the boss hasn't told me to stop what I'm doing, I will do it.

While time passed, and I have done what was sent to me and thanks to my notes, I could see where some mistakes are. When I was doing it I looked at the boss who said something to rest, and when they have done she walked to me, and then she said: "so how it's going."

While hearing her, I turned the laptop to her, and when I have done this, she started looking at everything. When she was doing it, she said, "nice for now, here we have done."

"Yes, boss," I said to her, and when I have saved everything that I had there, I packed it all into my backpack, and when I have done this, she looked at me, and she said, "now we need to buy you some new clothes."

"Only underwear will be fine," I said, as I can wash my shirt. While hearing me, she shakes her head, and then she said, "No." While hearing her, I looked at her, and then she walked away. While seeing it, I walked after her, and when we come downstairs, she received car keys, and when she wanted to give me them, I said, "I don't have a driving licence."

"Why," she asked.

"Too expensive," I said to her. While hearing me, she said "OK," and when we walked to the car which waited for us, I sit as a passenger, and she as a driver, and then, she drove somewhere.

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