10 Calling about something

(Joe POV)

When I was reading rules, I could see that I have many memories. When I was doing it slowly, tried to remember everything. As I was doing it, time passed fast, and when I have done with almost one third, I looked now around my office and while seeing that there is almost nothing as it's not a big room, but still, I have my own space. When I have done looking around I coughed, and then I come back to reading. When I was doing it for some more time, and I passed the next ten pages, I looked at what hour is and when I have done this; I started feeling thirsty. While feeling it, I get up, and when I walked out, I looked around, and as nobody was there that I could ask anybody at almost this floor was dead, I could see the bathroom. While seeing it, I walked there, and when I have done what I needed and drank a little water from the sink, I cleaned my face, and then I come back to my room to continue reading.

When I was doing it, I have done half of it and while seeing that almost eighteen come; I decided to read for two more hours than come back to eat something, and after it, sleep as at seven I need to be here once again. When I have done this plan, I come back to reading. When I was doing it for around an hour more, someone opened doors to my room, and while seeing cleaning stuff, I said, "hello."

"Oh, hello I didn't know that someone is here," the woman said.

"Oh, I will go soon," I said to her and when she nodded and close doors, I come back to reading. When the time for me comes, I get up while taking my bag, and I walked out while checking if I have everything. When I had my pass, I walked out, and when I could hear only 'blip,' I come out, and when I have done this, I walked slowly home while taking a break, and make small shopping. When I have done this, I come back home, and while being there, I make food, and while having it, I eat one third as the rest will be for the next two days. When I have done this, I lay on the bed, and after putting an alarm on, I fall asleep fast.

When the next day has come I wake up minutes before the alarm, and when I looked at it, I shout it down, and after having the morning routine done to which I needed to add a bath, I walked out, and when I prepared tea in a thermos which had his age and when I had done this I walked out. When I come to the company, I walked as an employee, and when I go to my floor and room, I sit inside, and when I take out the thermos, I put it on the side to not accidentally hit it, and when I have done this, I started the computer, and when I have done this, I could see files there, but first I needed to end reading rules. When I was reading it, I have done it as most of what left was some unnecessary stuff for me like CPR, which I know, and when I have done reading it, I started working. When I was doing it, I could see that what I was ordered to do. While seeing it, I said, "so now it's time to properly work for which, I'm paid for," and then I started doing it.

When I opened the files, which I had, I could see that there isn't a lot of work, but still, after reading what I should do there, I started filling everything. When I was doing it for some time, I could see that mistakes were there made, and then I started changing them. As I was doing it, I focused now, more on what is happening in files that should help me, not what I should do. As I read them, I changed many mistakes mostly, in calculations, and when I have done this now, it's time for doing what I should do.

On the top floor. (Megan POV)

When I looked at what my new assistant was doing, I could see that he started changing many things where he should do it. "What the fuck" I said, and when I checked it, I started reading them, and when I was doing it, I could see that he is right and what he received was wrong. While seeing it, I smiled and then my phone rang. While hearing it, I answered, and I said: "yes, mom."

"Have you found a new assistant?" mom asked me.

"Yes," I said.

"Megan, don't lie to me," mom said.

"I found a new one, don't worry, I will be fine," I said.

"So now, as you found someone new, it's good but remember to take care of your health and soon find a man for yourself," mom said.

"I told you that, it's good for me like it's now," I said.

"Megan," mom said it much louder.

"Yes, I know you want to play with your grandkids," I said.

"That good that you know it," mom said while I could hear what happens in her voice. While hearing it, I said, "so now, mom if you don't mind, I would like to come back to work."

"I'm calling about something," mom said.

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"What is this," I asked her.

"You know I found the nice boy your age," mom started saying, but then I stopped her, and I said, "I told you, mom, no I will never go to blind dates you should know it," while looking at the screen. When I was doing it, I looked at what Joe was doing, and when I was doing it, mom said: "you will go there, and it's the end of the talk."

While hearing her words, I rolled my eyes as I know that I can't start an argument with her, and then I said, "but I have too much to do now."

"You are CEO after your dad retired, so now go and work, or I should call to him and break his nice season with friends in golf that he should come back to be CEO," mom said.

"OK, I will go," I said.

"Good girl," mom said, and when she said it, she hangs out. When she has done this, I looked once again at what Joe is doing, and then I started doing my job.

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