1 Chapter 1

I had everything in my life except the wildest adventure I could ever think for which was the present to me from my dearest daddy.

But the story started a lot earlier.

I Thought I was late to school but was just in time. by the way I am Tiana the best student of my college and a class representative. yeah very much responsibility required.

Tiana: omg I am just on time.

Mary: you are late.

(Mary is the best friend I could ever have.)


Tiana: see I am just on time.

Mary: Tiana ma'am is going in run to the class.

We ran to the class and after an hour of boring lecture we decided to go to the canteen.

Tiana: I love there sandwiches.

Mary: hmmmm

Portico: hey loser.

Tiana: why did you come now. btw it is Tiana.

Mary: right!!

Portico: I want to gift something.

Tiana: gift for me🤨

John: hey my love.

I was left helpless when I saw love of my life kissing my enemy.

Tiana: John nooo why 😭

John: come on gurl you are just a nerd whereas look at Portico she is smart, famous and everything a man would like.

I ran away from that place and never again met John.

*After few years*

Dad: hey my Tiana come here

I shouted ....

Tiana: coming dadddyyyy

Mom(silently to dad): I bet you she forgot.

Dad: let's see.

Tiana: yes daddy and mum.

Dad: so do you remember today's date.

Tiana: ummmm 11 November?

Dad: ughhhh so you don't remember.

Mom: told ya.

Dad:it is my princess's birthday.

Tiana: ohhhhh shoots I forgot.

Dad:take here is your present.

He gave me a beautiful necklace.

Tiana: Omg Dadddyyy this is wonderful thank u. but I will have to leave for work.

Mom: okee dokee bye.

I leave the house and see the most unwanted person. oh right it was Portico.

Portico: omg hey loser.


Linda: happy birthday.

Tiana: now which servant are you.

Linda: excuse me🤨

Portico:I guess you forgot one crystal of your necklace.

Tiana: what!!

I saw a crystal of my necklace missing I tried to search the whole place but eventually had to leave because I was getting late.


Today was the most unwanted day because the most unwanted thing happened my dad died of heart attack.

Tiana:😢😢why did this happen he was so fit and how could you be so calm.

Mom: because he already told me that it is really possible that he dies any second so I was already ready . and also that moving on is important

Tiana: as you say mum.

Now I tried to move on so I started working harder to keep my mind off.


Snake queen: demon come here.

Demon: yes ma'am.

Snake queen: the crystals are out of protection and are in India. leave and get it to me.


General: oh my God. it doesn't seem good. Linda the demon from snake queen is leaving somewhere send my best team.

Linda: on it boss. Johnson, Jone and Lisa are ordered to come at the head base.

They arrive to the general.

General: I want you guys to leave right away behind the demon towards India.


Tiana: yes sir I understood. I will mail it right away.

Demon: hey you gurl😏

Tiana: what are you?

Demon: I am here to get your necklace.

He tries to take the necklace but he gets a shock.

Demon: I guess the spell doesn't allow me take your necklace till you are alive. I will have to kill you.

Tiana: what noooo ahhhhhh mommmm...

And a blackout.....

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