1 Chapter 1


• teleportation

• telekinesis

• rumor

• weapon master

.You are 14 right now same as everyone else.

Y/n= your name

Handler: y/n! Y/n!

* i open my eyes and roll off the bed*

Y/n: ow!, yes mother!?

Handler: oh my dear I'm sorry

Y/n: it's fine, what's up!?

• knock knock •

Lila: hey little sis

* I yawn and stretch*

Y/n: hi, so uh why did I get woken up by my crazy mother and sister, hm?

Handler: you have a mission!

Y/n: thank god! I've been waiting for this but.. why today? Why right now?

Handler: well, the boy you need to get has bad trust issues, I think you will do great

Y/n: uhh okay

* i roll my eyes *

Lila: why so upset little sis?

Y/n: teenage boys are so mean and annoying!

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( no offense <3 )

Handler: yes they are honey

* she smiles*

Y/n: okay well leave so I can get changed please

Lila: okay and hurry!

Y/n: mhhm okay

* they leave *

* I sigh and fall on my bed and look at my clock*

Y/n: Im afraid this is going to be a long day

* i get dressed into a big shirt and some black jeans and put my chain on the belt and throw on my watch and put my shoes on and brush my teeth and wash my face*

* i walk out of my room and look at them*

Y/n: uh Im ready

Handler: gre-

Y/n: also quick question, when am I coming back?

Lila: it all depends on how long you need to get him

Y/n: right so a few months? Maybe..?

Handler: he is really tough

Y/n: yeah i know you said that already

* Lila hands me a piece of paper and it has the address on it*

Y/n: great, an academy...

Lila: you got this!

* I send a sarcastic smile a two thumbs up and roll my eyes and teleport to the big building *

Y/n: this is actually kinda coo-

* a man opened that door and sent a smile*

Reginald: well hello, I've been waiting for you!

Y/n: right uh yeah coming

* he smiles and walks in*

* I grab my watch and text my mom/handler that I'm in*




Y/n: Im in mom!

Handler: great honey! You got this!

Y/n: yeah, bye

Handler: bye




* i sigh and walk in the big building *

Hey so this is the first chapter I hope you liked it, byee