I glanced at the window, remembering what happened yesterday. I got up out of bed, making sure to be quiet. My boyfriend Hyunjin is asleep and he doesn't like to be waken up, if he is..he gets angry, and he yells at me if I didn't leave him alone. I walked into the other room, turning on the light, and walking into my closet, grabbed the clothes I was going to wear, and placed it on the bed. I went to go take shower, and put on my clothes.

I grabbed my car keys, my phone, and put it in my purse. "Grayce, Where are you going??" I jumped at the voice, to look back and see my boyfriend, HyunJin, He was leaning against the door, arms crossed with serious emotion. "I'm going to go see my friend, and then i have a job interview." "Why didn't you wake me up and tell me??" "Because I know you'd get angry.." I looked away as I spoke. HyunJin sighed, and walked over and grabbed my wrist tightly, pulling me closer to his face. "You think I've got anger issues or somethin?" HyunJin sharply spat. "N-No..but you're hurting me.." HyunJin put his hand up, but before he could hurt me, my phone rang. "Tch." HyunJin pushed me, and walked off into the room. I sighed, quickly grabbed my phone and answered it, rubbing my wrist as I did. "H-Hello..?" "Hey Grayce!"

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"Oh Hey Heaven, Are we still gonna meet up?" "No, sorry, i have to go to work early. My brother will come to pick you up, He's also going to be there for the job interview." I sighed in relief, knowing that I can get some time away from HyunJin. "Ok, I'll talk to you later Heaven!" "Mhm! Also, quick question, Why are you doing this Job interview if you're so rich??" "You know that HyunJin and I share a bank account, so I'm going to get this Job, and get some money of my own."

"Ooooo ok i see you! Oh! Well I've gotta go, I'll see you later Grayce!" After she hung up, I grabbed my purse and walked out the door, not caring if HyunJin gets mad at me.


At the coffee shop


I entered the coffee shop, the smell of coffee and its warmth put me at ease. I looked around to look for Heaven's Brother. I went over to the counter, to order a Carmel cappuccino. I waited at one of the tables, looking at my recent mail. Some minutes later, I was sipping my drink when I heard a soft yet deep voice, "Excuse me, are you Grayce?" I looked up at the man who was speaking.

"Uh..Yea! And you are..?" I questioned, glancing at the man who spoke, he had black curly coal hair, dark brown orbs, and the sweetest smile. I blushed at his figure, he was wearing an oversized black sweater with a white collared shirt, with black pants, and trainers, along with a beanie. "Taehyung, Kim Taehyung!" He responded, smiling. His smile was adorable, I smiled back which made him smile more. "I'm Grayce Evans, and I'm guessing you're my friend, Heaven's Brother?" I asked. "Yes, I am!" He replied. I checked the time, and it was almost time for my Job interview. "Oh! It's almost time for the job Interview, We should get going!" I said, looking at Taehyung. "Alrighty then! Let's go!"

We arrived at the job interview, as we walked into the office, I received shocked stares from the workers. Once we went into the office, I sat down in one of the chairs. "Do you mind waiting here for a second? I need to go get the boss." Taehyung said,"Sure!"

I waited for a couple minutes, not sure what was taking so long. I'm sure Taehyung works very hard here, so I'm sure nothing goes wrong between them. I really hope the boss doesn't question anything of my personal life, I'm sure he won't but I never know what questions he would ask. I heard footsteps get louder and louder, and the door opening up. "I'm sorry for the long wait Mrs.Grayce." I heard a deep yet clear voice come from behind me. The man walked over to the office desk, sitting down. I  immediately recognize his face. "Taehyung...? Where's the boss?"

Taehyung looked at me, Direct eye contact..It made me feel..different..His eyes, full of different things I couldn't understand...

"Sweetheart, I am the boss."  Taehyung smirked,tilting his head. My eyes widened at his words.

"Your the boss?!"


"Wow...T-That's crazy!!" I said as I looked around the big office.

Taehyung got up and walked over to the glass window, looking at the view. "May I ask you a question before we start the interview?"

I got up and walked to Taehyung,"Yes sir." Taehyung chuckled,glancing back at me. "Sir? Why so formal?" "I have to make a good impression somehow.." I mumbled. | "You've made a good impression, you don't need to worry." "Oh..But..your Question was?" I glanced at him, his eyes were already on me...I wanted to look away, but my eyes couldn't get away from his glare. He moved closer towards me, His hand moving to the side of my waist. "Are you sure all you need is a job, or do you need something else..." He smirked, pulling me in closer. "S-sir. We're in a business. P-please be professi-"

I don't know what came over me...I couldn't speak, or think right all of a sudden..It was like his touch made me weak...I needed his touch..

Taehyung grabbed my wrist, pushing me against the wall. Our foreheads were almost touching, fingers intertwined, breaths Mingling..Our lips were almost touching, inches apart. His fire orange eyes connected with mine, "When you're around me..you don't need to act professional , at work..anywhere that I'm with you, your mine." He stated.

"Sir- T-Taehyung..I have a boyfriend!!" "Who doesn't treat you right."

"How do yo-"

"I was friends with your boyfriend, he has anger issues...and he takes his anger out on you, Which is why you, Grayce are mine." Taehyung responded, waiting for my response. "S-"

His lips met mine..

and now....

I cant escape him...

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