Second Rebirth: I Want Another Ending!
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Second Rebirth: I Want Another Ending!


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What is Second Rebirth: I Want Another Ending!

Second Rebirth: I Want Another Ending! is a popular web novel written by the author 41t, covering ADVENTURE, CULTIVATION, FAMILY, FLUFF, SLICE-OF-LIFE-ISH, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 322.3K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 6 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 29 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Xueyu lived in Boundless Depth Valley with her master... —but she had always yearned to see the world outside! So it was inevitable that she would escape from home. Consequently, her first life was taken away by her lover. In her second life, her now-ex-lover and her trusted sister killed her once more! She was reborn for the second time! This time, kill her if you want, but have anything against her Master and you shall die! . . . Wait Master! Where are you going? Outside? What— why? No! The outside world is dangerous Master!! I wanted to see the world? That was a lifetime ago! I’m 13? So? Thus, our main character was dragged off to see the outside world, ....or else our plot would not get anywhere.


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I really like the story so far! It's nice to see the relationships between Xueyu and all the other characters during her second chance! (and I hope her relationship with her master is purely platonic because judging by it, there's an age difference and that would be rather creepy if it became romantic lol). The interactions between Zhou Yun and Shi Zhen are really funny too, and I can't wait for Xueyu to warm up to Shi Zhen! I think, like I said in a previous comment, the reason why I enjoy this story is because as of right now, the romance hasn't kicked in yet and it's just a nice slice-of-life-esque sort of storyline with Xueyu and Zhou Yun. I really like the way their relationship is displayed, and that he isn't just the 'cold withdrawn' sort of stereotype that a lot of male characters are given! It's really nice to see him show how he cares for her. It's really heartwarming to just learn about how to spend their time in the valley! (even though I know this will probably change soon rip) Also can't wait to find out more about the characters and their backstories! I see lots of potential. :))) You've mentioned harem or not in your author notes and I am leaning towards no harem please. Reverse harems or harems, regardless of which, tend to create a lot of cliche characters who don't get enough time to develop and receive a solid personality! If you would like to give the readers a good idea of each character's personality (especially Xueyu's), my best advice would be to lessen the amount of people in the cast. this way, you can guarantee no character is left out with a lack of personality/development! As constructive criticism, I would like to note that Xueyu's character is a little... off? I'm assuming that she went back in time after she died as an *****, but her current actions still seem very childish. It's not that she's immature, but I guess I was expecting more maturity as someone who had their "child killed" and also betrayed by two people closest to her. I think your grammar honestly isn't the worst, but it could do better. There are lots of tiny mistakes (such as tenses) in each chapter that don't disrupt the overall story too much, but it would be even better if they were fixed! Finding an editor is my best solution to the problem. But of course, researching how to fix these things and proof-reading carefully will also help your writing quality! And, obviously, the more you practice, the better you'll get. <3 All in all, this story is pretty good and I look forward to the future chapters! :)


Just started reading and I feel like I hit a gold mine. I look forward to reading more. Plz don't ever drop this author. If u do it will break my heart. No pressure intended.


So far so good. I hope u can post atleast two chappy hehehe...Keep up the good work author-san ! :D bookmarked! a gem definitely reserved for this. ;)


Seems really interesting so far. Can’t wait for more updates. The plot and characters are well written. Her relationship with her master and the outside world is funny lol due to the trauma of dying twice.


Writing review very early in the book- ch28. It is my favorite genre of rebirth/reincarnation. Story line is nice. It is not clear as to who is the ML, I think that it is the master, but can’t be certain at this point. Except for ex-boyfriend no assholes at this point. Not sure about the prince who has shown up! It is slow moving, but you get a chance to see the characters develop. Lot of these books spend time describing beauty of ML and FL. This one doesn’t, but it might be because FL doesn’t have the sense of sight, sound and touch! And there is no romance at this point. I found very few grammatical mistakes. The usual ones of mistaking he and she is the biggest one!


Interesting! I hope there will be more updates. The female lead relationship with her master is adorable. I hope they stay happy through all the things to come.


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