1 Beauty and the Devil

Year 2534

"Y-you monster..." Muttered a young woman who looked to be in her mid 20's, was coughing up blood as she struggled to speak. She adorned golden hair that was stained with blood and burned at the tips, even so, its beauty could still not be hidden. Along with her golden hair was her pure jade skin that was littered with wounds, blood, and dirt.

"Alice." Looking down at the young woman was a man. He was feared by all of humanity and was labeled as the devil, his name was Lucifer.

He was wearing a fashionable blood red suit that matched well with his red skin along with a white undershirt and a crimson red bowtie to match. He matched this with black suit pants along with a black pair of shiny boots.

On his back were 3 pairs of demon wings that signified his status as an archdemon. Along with his wings were his fiery horns. Albeit one of his two horns were missing as it had been cut clean by the Hero with his sword. The other however remained lively with a blue flame ferociously burning off the tip.

In his right hand was a wine glass, in it was a fermented and expensive blood red wine widely known to be one of the best wine in the mortal realm that is said to even be able to rival that of Gods, containing various ingredients that could only be found in S class dungeons, and even then the ingredients by itself were hard to find and difficult to obtain.

He chuckles to himself before speaking once again. "Do you know why I left you alive?" Lucifer inquires as he looks down upon Alice who was struggling to stay alive. As he swirls around his wine he looks around to see the destruction he had caused, with a satisfied expression.

The buildings were burning down and releasing smoke, streets were unleveled as if an earthquake swept through, cars and other vehicles were blaring their alarms. However, there was nobody in sight even with all of the chaos.

Of course there's nobody, its because Lucifer killed them all. The only thing left of those once called humans were their corpses.

He takes a sip of his wine before answering his previous question. "It's because you have value, Alice." He pauses to take another sip, "Your talent in magic and alchemy is astonishing even to I."

There was another long pause.

"...And we can't forget your beautiful face and luminous golden hair." He says as he kneeled to gently grasp her hair into his hands as he ran his hand through the once beautiful, now stained and dirty, golden hair.

"W-what... are you... trying to say..?" Alice mutters in difficulty as she coughs another mouthful of blood. Her shining amethyst eyes that could equal any jewel looks towards Lucifer in horror.

"Well of course, I mean for you to become my betrothed." Lucifer says with a wide grin on his face as he looks down on the horrified Alice as her once beautiful eyes turned clouded. "How beautiful would our children be?" He chimes and waits for an answer only to be returned with silence."

"Tsk tsk, you should speak more with that beautiful voice you have. I've heard that the humans compared your voice to that of a goddess." As Lucifer said this he waited for Alice to once again speak however she refused to utter a single syllable. Lucifer expression turned dark for a split second unnoticeable to the untrained eye, but soon returned to its former smile.

"Of course you are but above those overgrown chickens that only know how to laze around and demand offerings from everyone they determine to be lesser." Lucifer says with a charming smile as he continued with the once sided conversation with himself.

Lucifer lightly chuckled as he leaned closer to Alice's face as he put his hand on her chin and lifted her head up. His pitch black eyes similar to that of a void locked eyes with Alice's clouded violet eyes.

"How about I give you a present." Lucifer says in a playful tone as he gently let go of her chin and gently placed her comfortably back onto the ground. When he returned he had a grotesque and decapitated head in his hands. It was her former companion, the Hero.

"Do you like it, my princess?" Lucifer says with a grin as he twirled the head with a finger spinning it, which caused even more blood and mucus to drip from it. Seeing as there still wasn't a response from Alice, he immediately got bored and threw the head as if it was a piece of trash, uncaring, and only put his attention towards Alice. He once again lifted her beautiful face up with his now bloodied hands.

As he was mesmerized by her beauty once again he felt a fluctuation of mana gathering towards Alice's mana core.

"Sigh... Is it really that detestable to be betrothed to little ol' me? For you to even commit suicide by self destructing your mana core..." Lucifer sighs once again as he takes his hand off of her chin and drops her head to the rubble. The gentleness he showed before was completely gone and replaced with his usual nature as he treated her like he did with all the other humans,

Insects, insignificant beings, tools of entertainment, toys.

It was a shame that she wouldn't submit to him, even though her beauty was a rare 1 in 1,000,000 chance that was unmatched to any others, even greater by leaps and bounds to the elf race that was known for their unmatched beauty. There was also the angel race that still faltered in comparison to Alice. However, they were never in Lucifer's eyes as he only saw the angels and Gods as cat litter.

He kicked her body as she was sent flying towards a nearby building as she crashed into it.

All that was left of her was the blood dripping from the side of the building, her corpse was completely disintegrated from the kick.

As Lucifer sighs in regret as he is about to open up a portal to the Underworld he sensed a feeling of bloodlust lingering towards him.

"How interesting." Lucifer with a grin to his face as if the previous situation from before had never even occurred was now obviously amused at the situation.

Lucifer, with not even his guard up, stood still as he sipped on his wine with his pitch black eyes open as they once again looked regretfully at the blood dripping from the side of the building.

However, his regret wasn't able to last for long as the source of killing intent from earlier was now right behind him. As he turned his head around to see who the mysterious assailant was, his grin from early was now turned into a look of shock and surprise.

Alice, who was supposed to be dead was now right behind Lucifer as mana was done gathering in her core, she jumped towards Lucifer and hugged him from behind.

"Gotcha." Alice with the her amethyst eyes no longer clouded coughs another mouthful of blood however this time there was a grin on her face as she looked towards the shocked expression of Lucifer. However this expression of his did not last for long as it soon changed back into a frown.

What she had done earlier was make an exact mirror image of herself that wasn't an illusion and was still a solid figure. It was unimaginable for someone to make a mirror image that was solid, however, she was well known as the strongest witch and was known for altering spells in mysterious ways that even top level geniuses couldn't even imagine to try and replicate. She was, however, scared that he would notice the change in her eyes as they would be shrouded and lifeless due to the lack of a soul. However, it appeared that Lucifer didn't fully notice or simply didn't care and had disregarded it.

With the chance that she was given she decided to slowly gathered mana in her core and resolved herself to take down the devil to avenge her comrades and all of those who had perished.

However, Lucifer simply sighs as moments later the area was engulfed in a bright light as everything within the vicinity was utterly destroyed leaving nothing left. What she had just done was a forbidden technique that destroys the mana core and also used her life force as a catalyst to self destruct. It was a powerful technique that many suicide bombers had used and was naturally banned from the public for obvious reasons.

However, with her status it was no problem in accessing the technique saying it was for 'research', although she didn't think she would ever have to use it, it came in handy in the end, or so she thought. She was confident in the explosion at point blank range being able to kill Lucifer, as she who possessed an S-grade mana core was confident that the damage from self destructing would be able to slay the devil. And she was right to think so, no living creature could possibly survive such an explosion.

Lucifer, who could be seen in the middle of a crater as everything around him was gone, completely obliterated. His clothes were completely gone revealing his naked body along with his wine and glass, which was nothing more than dust at this point. However, there was not a single scratch on his body. The reasoning behind this was that Lucifer was naturally immune to all forms of fire and explosions, with his body being forged from Hell's fires and heat, explosions of this caliber was of no threat to him, the same couldn't be said for his outfit however.

As he once again sighed he flapped his demon wings as the brought him up to the edge of the crater. He opened a portal to the demon realm and once again looks back only to shake his head and steps through back to his home, as there was nothing else left to do on planet Earth, as all the humans were already extinct, his toys were gone.

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