Second Female Leads' Playbook
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Second Female Leads' Playbook


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What is Second Female Leads' Playbook

Second Female Leads' Playbook is a popular web novel written by the author Butterfly_effect, covering REINCARNATION, VILLAINESS, ISEKAI, REBORN, ROMANCE, REVENGE, SECONDCHANCE, ROYAL, CANNONFODDER, NOBLE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.3M readers with an average rating of 4.39/5 and 33 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 128 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In every story, there is a male lead, a female lead and a second male lead. But what about the second female lead? Be it the unloved queen of a cold and distant king, the plain bodyguard of the forgotten prince, the evil stepsister of the well-loved genius, the servant who died protecting her lady or the defeated villainess. No one cares about their stories. This is the playbook of all forgotten second female leads. Volume IV: After the Villainess Failed to Overthrow the Gods (updating) 'In every story, there is a villain who has been defeated. What happens to the defeated villain?' After Lorelei's plot to overthrow the gods failed, she was stripped of her power and voice. She became a mermaid bound to a lake, with her enemy (the god) keeping guard of her. This is a story between a defeated villainess and her enemy. Volume III: The evil stepsister who has lived through FIVE lives (completed) 'Please let me rest in peace!' Odette was once an heiress who had it all, be it money, status or fiance. When her perfect stepsister appeared, she realized she was just a villain in this story. Odette, being the evil stepsister, was of course killed off halfway through the story. When she opened her eyes again she was reborn, but no matter what she did, she died in the end. Having experienced burning on a stake, the guillotine, hanging and stabbing to death, all she wanted now was to die normally after a normal life. Volume II: Body guard of a forgotten prince (completed) "You're just my tool. Know your place." It's her duty to follow her master's command. Even at the risk of injuring herself or losing her mind. It's his right to use her cold-heartedly. Even discarding her when she had become useless. She was a bird trapped inside a gilded cage, slowly losing her mind in the process. Volume I: Rebirth of the unloved, forgotten Queen (completed) "Let's break off our engagement. I don't want to be Queen anymore. You don't like me anyway." At twenty, Liana died as she watched her country burned to ashes. When she opened her eyes, she was sixteen again. The first thing she planned to do was breaking off her engagement with Prince Sebastian. This is her story as a reborn queen. -------------- A series of inter-related second female leads' stories set in a fantasy historical world. Readers can choose volumes they like to start with! Update on Tuesday and Thursday!

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Dive into the world of second female leads! Choose the volume you like most! Volume I: Passive Aggressive Queen x Ice King Volume II: Dreamless Enforcer x Cruel Master Volume III: Evil stepsister x Priest of Darkness Volume IV: Lunatic Siren x God of Order


Hi, my dear readers! Thank you so much for checking out this story and giving this story a try! Hope you have a fun time delving into the unknown stories of various second female leads. In here you will not find overpowered protagonists, luck showered protagonist. Instead, you'll find the stories of typical 'side character'. Can a 'side character' be the main character of their own lives? Are their stories really that 'typical'? Once again thank you all for your continuous support, starting today the story will go premium. Hope you'll continue this journey with me. Come and discover more of the second female leads!


I started reading this book under a different name at a different site. I'm glad its been reedited and put up here. Sébastien was so devoted , I mean there's nothing like dying together to show who is really for you. Also can't wait for the second and third half. Ariana was such a capable women. I loved how strong she was. I wonder how the ending will be changed if at all for the second book? I hope that the third book is as good as the first and second ones. Love the re-edits.


I love this story. Both the stories so far are beautifully written. This novel has the sort of nostalgic charm of a fairytale. I don't know how to explain it, but it was just wonderful to read. I highly recommend giving it a read!


Reveal spoiler


I loved the way author wrote this story- especially the narrative style. It is definitely different from the revenge stories appears on webnovel. The novel has a good plot and it looks promising. The author is successful in depicting the emotions portrayed by the characters. Even the background world build up looks superb. I am looking forward for reading more. Keep up the good work author, I am rooting for you 👍


To be honest, the FL not your typical come back reincarnation aka you thought she will be strong but then she’s actually not. It’s just that, she confuse with her own heart especially with how her fiance or husband after she come back~ it’s a nice novel and now curious how it will unfold


Beautiful Story. I love it. I love the charaters, I love the plot, I love the background, and I love how it was written. Good job authors, I really enjoy it LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE


I’m in love with all these stories! Truly! ❤️ The characters are well developed and the writting is superb! Dear author, keep going~~ you’re doing great!! 💕💕


i love love love this! the story building is amazing and the writing is superb. one of the best novels ive read on this site. highly recommend!!!


I have only made it through the first volume/book and *happy squeal* I really really liked it! Great writing with and interesting and lovable story! Looking forward to reading the rest😁


well its a great story and everything is great (until my taste in novels are takeing in to account and you add cannonfoder tag) well i checkt it out a while ago when i stubeld apoun it but great work in general. it was about 4 months ago i last read it and i read it untill chapter 5 but i just dident like it it was fore me but if anyone else stubels apoun it i suggest you try at and read until chapter 5 atleast (good luck in your endevur to write this novel author)


Ok so I binge read this novel and I'm caught up...and wanting more ^^*. So the novel's world is big and each arc is loosely tied by the environment but I look forward to the characters showing up in each others' storylines. I like the plot so far and the fact that the pace is rather fast. As the novel develops, I'm sure some of my questions will get answered. I can wait in the meantime to see what's next. Thanks Author!


I havent gotten to volume 2 yet because just like Sebastian, I am regretting. I need time to heal because I loved their story. So beautiful! Great writing, for how short it was, The characters were developed very well. Thank you for this story!


I'm still pretty early on, but I'm really liking the story. Its well written & the characters are interesting too. I was invested from the start by the prologue throws you headfirst into the action.


This is definitely an unique take on tired wrung out tropes that draws you in and refuses to let you go. Bittersweet and sad yet hopeful, I sometimes feel it's more of a redemption story for the ML that focuses on the 2nd FL. It's truly well written; the plots are engaging, the characters have wonderful depth as well as growth and the storylines are enthralling. Thank you author-dono, for this wonderful gem you are polishing for us so diligently.


a good story with two different angels but really beautiful and author you are a great writer keep on we give our blessing to you always for your try


Reveal spoiler


I love this book. The character development as well as the way you are setting up the story are amazingly well done. This story as a whole is really good and well written ❤️👏❤️👏❤️👏❤️👏❤️


Just by reading the first story i can drop this. I don't enjoy reading about an emotionally masochist fl or a "shy"(sadist) ml. The dogblood vibe puts me off.


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