Second Female Lead's Counterattack System: Hubby, I'm Waiting for You!
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Second Female Lead's Counterattack System: Hubby, I'm Waiting for You!


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What is Second Female Lead's Counterattack System: Hubby, I'm Waiting for You!

Read Second Female Lead's Counterattack System: Hubby, I'm Waiting for You! novel written by the author ThEsHiPiSsAiLiNg on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Romance stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A girl travels to different worlds to face slap the main leads and complete missions for points. She focuses on hugging a big, golden thigh of a second male lead in the first story. However... Male Lead: "Why don't you hug my thighs? They are the biggest you can find." Girl: "NO! You are gonna kill me!" Turns around and runs. She looks back. Girl: "F*ck! Why are you chasing!" Male Lead ignores her profanity and captures her. Male Lead: "Darling, we are going to have a fun time." Girl: "Whose your stupid Darling?" Male Lead ignores her resistance and carried her home. From then on, she earned a Hubby. This scene is not part of the novel... well, it might be. ThEsHiPiSsAiLiNg: There will be no more updates until I finish my other novel. Sorry to the readers looking forward to updates!

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The story is good so far, the characters are good and funny while the story hopefully be updated if not that's fine I don't really care if it does or not.


The story is very eccentric in terms of the plot of the story and the story development of characters.I feel that this novel deserves more support and acknowledgement.I only hope for consistent chapters from author-Chan,but I appreciate your hard work and effort in finding time to continue this novel.


Heya, I'll be your first review here. So far the story gave a good potential in the future. Your writing is good and I enjoy reading it. Maybe, you can use a little editing, but that's for later. Anyway, the story is interesting desu yo. Great job! Be aware that this novel consists, magical system thingy if you like that kind of genre, guys--because it's my cup of tea, so I don't mind it. Funny FL and Typical CEO ML which everyone wants him. I like to see their interaction more hehe. Good job author, I'll support you :D






gd work author.....waiting for more update..................................................................................................




What happened to author? ¿?????????????????????????????? ¿??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ¿???????????


Author leave the other one and write this please ..I downloaded this app bcoz I saw this story on Google and now I check to read ..u say hiatus!! Why????


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