7 C7 Training & Info

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The next day I was woken up before the sun rises by my psycho mother. I love her a lot, but why do I have to wake up at this ungodly hour. I got dressed and she took me to the garden where I summoned Nova.

"Alright, it's time for your training!" She says in a bright voice, as we stand outside in the dark.

"Mom, the birds aren't even awake yet. Why can't we start this later?" I ask in a tired voice.

"Because I said that I would teach you everything I've learned as an adventurer. Waking up this early is common for most adventurers. Now that's enough backtalk I want you to run around the garden until I say you can stop." Astrid explains.

"But mom..." I say, and she interrupts me.

"Don't 'but mom' me. You heard what your father and I said yesterday. We have enemies that would gladly kill you, so you have to start training a little earlier than we expected. There will come a time when you have to protect yourself, so I will prepare you for that. Now, get running!" She orders, and I start running.

After my third lap around the garden, I started feeling my legs burn. I thought about quitting on my fifth lap, but as I slowed down my mother glared at me like never before. When I was going for the eighth lap I felt like I was going to die, and my clothes were covered in sweat.

"Good, that's enough! Come here and take a seat." My mother says, as she motions to a table and chairs that the maids must have set up while I was running. When I finally sat down and caught my breath, a system notification appeared.

{you've gained 5 shop points for extended exercise! Work hard to earn more.}

Holy shit! This is how I gain shop points? I thought I would have to kill core beasts or something?

{Host can also earn shop points by slaying core beasts. The amount of points varies based on the power of the core beast.}

Huh, that's good to know. I'm too young to hunt core beasts, so I'll have to grind exercises for now. After taking a small break, the sun started to rise. The maids brought me some much-needed water and a towel. My break didn't last long, and my mother started showing me my new daily training regimen. It was hell! I had to do push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, etc. By the time my training was over I was on the floor drenched in sweat, but I gained 10 more shop points.

"I'm proud of you, sweetheart. You did better than I thought you would. We'll do this every morning from now on. Let's get you cleaned up and fed, so you can go spend some time with your father." My mother says.

"Huh? Is my fire magic training starting today?" I ask.

"No, your father has some paperwork to get through before that. I told you yesterday that I would find a way for you to spend more time with your father outside of training, so you'll sit with him while he does his paperwork today." She explains.

"Shouldn't we let him concentrate on his work? I don't want to bother him while he's working." I say.

"No, you won't be bothering him. Most of my time spent with your father is while he's working. Trust me you'll be fine. Why don't you go get cleaned up, so we don't keep your father waiting." She says. I move my sore body towards my room. Every step hurts as I move through the palace. After cleaning up and changing clothes, we eat breakfast. Then my mother escorts me to my father's study. She knocks on the door and turns around and walks away.

"Enter!" I hear from the other side of the door. I stare at my mom with a betrayed look, as she gets further and further away. I guess she wants to give us time together without interfering, but she could've at least stayed for a bit. I open the door and see my father sitting behind a desk with stacks of paper crowding the surface. When he sees me he looks surprised, so I doubt my mother cleared this with him.

"What's wrong Syrin? Did you need something?" My father asks.

"No, mom said that I can spend time with you while you work. She ditched me after knocking on the door." I explain with an annoyed look.

"Haha, that sounds like something she would do. Alright, I don't mind you sitting with me. Take a seat anywhere you like." He says gesturing to the room. I take a seat on the couch and look around the room, as my father goes back to his paperwork. Since both of us aren't used to being alone in a room together, the room descends into an awkward silence. Usually, my mother is there as a buffer, and without her neither of us knows what to talk about.

"Your mother told me she would start your training today, how was it?" He asks, after a long silence.

"It was hell!" I exclaim, as I remember my hellish training.

"Yeah, the adventurers guild talked your mother into training new adventurers once, and every one of them quit except one."

"Who's the one that stayed?" I asked.

"His name is Marco Joseph a tiger man, and he became an A-ranked adventurer right after training. I'm not sure what rank he is now though. Your mother will probably know."

"Huh, what's a tiger man?" I ask, looking confused.

"Oh that's right you haven't left the palace before, have you? A tiger man is a form of Demi-human. Demi-humans are people born with the traits of animals, and some may have stronger traits than others. For example, some may be born with the ears and a tail of a fox, and others could have stronger traits and grow fur. There's a kingdom to the North of us called the Bestia Kingdom that's ruled by Demi-humans. We have an amicable relationship with them because we treat Demi-humans like any other human." He explained.

"Do other countries discriminate against Demi-humans?" I ask.

"A few, but you don't have to worry about that right now. Your lessons will cover all the countries soon enough." He says. The possibility of running into a cute cat girl is definitely appealing.

"Why aren't there any Demi-humans in the palace?" I ask.

"All the guards in the palace are the royal guards, and one of the criteria for royal guards is noble blood. We don't have any noble Demi-humans in the Fortis Kingdom. As for the palace staff there is a couple Demi-humans, but I don't think you've met them. One is a cook in the kitchen, and he's quite the chef." He says, and goes back to his paperwork. The room descends back into silence, and I look at the portraits displayed in the study. Most are of me as a baby and mom, but some are of people I've never seen before.

"Hey dad, who are these people?" I ask pointing at the portrait.

"Those are your grandparents from my side of the family. They died before you were born in a war against the Malum Kingdom." He explains with a sad look on his face.

"Let me guess, the Malum Kingdom is one of those countries that discriminate against Demi-humans." I say.

"Yup. They're our Kingdoms number one enemy. The Malum Kingdom has been picking fights with us since the founding of the Fortis Kingdom. I'm sure they'll start another war sooner or later."

"Why did the fighting start in the first place?" I ask.

"No one really knows. It's been thousands of years since the founding of the Fortis Kingdom."

"Then why are we still fighting? It seems dumb to fight a war if no one knows how it started."

"Well, we've been fighting for thousands of years. After a while, the reasons for wars started to change. The last war was started because the Malum kingdom wanted to reclaim the land they lost hundreds of years ago in a different war. The one before that was started because a member of our Royal family was killed while traveling to the Malum Kingdom to engage in peace talks. Don't get me wrong we've had some idiotic people in our family history that started some wars, but the majority were started by the Malum Kingdom." My father explains.

"Huh, how did they die? My grandparents I mean. Did they die on the battlefield or something?" I ask.

"They traveled with the army during the war, so they could keep the troops morale high. Seeing your King and Queen willing to come to the battlefield with you shows that they're confident that they won't lose. When they were sleeping in their tent the night before the battle would start, an assassin snuck in and killed them in their sleep. They didn't die a heroic death, but at least it wasn't a painful one." He explains, as a stray tear falls from his eye. He wipes it away and looks sadly at the portrait of his parents.

"Where were the aerie? Wouldn't that be something they would look out for?" I ask.

"The aerie didn't exist then. I made the aerie myself to protect against something like that ever happening again." He says with pride in his voice.

"Wow, how did you make it yourself? Did you train them, or did you find an assassin or a spy to train them?" I ask

"I'm responsible for some of the aeries training, but someone else does the majority of the work."

"Who?" I ask.

"I can't tell you that, but maybe you'll find out in the future." He says, cryptically. "Well, I'm about done with this paperwork, and it's lunchtime. Why don't you go and get your mother, and we can eat lunch here together." He says.

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"Alright, I'll be right back." I say, as I leave the room.

POV King Henry

When Syrin leaves the room, a man in all black wearing the symbol of the aerie appears beside my desk.

"I thought you said to only reveal myself to the next king?" The man asks in an unrecognizable voice.

"That still holds true."


Name: Syrin Fortis

Title(s): Second Prince of the Fortis Kingdom

Fighter Rank: 1

Mage Rank: 1

Shop points(SP): 2,015


Magic affinity

Battle energy affinity

Magic Manipulation LVL10 MAX

Battle energy Manipulation LVL10 MAX

Phoenix Fire Attribute LVL2




Humanoid Loot Box}

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