Second chance?!Second chance?!

Second chance?!

by Mikejd

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(BE WARNED!!! THIS IS MY FIRST NOVEL AND ENGLISH ISN'T MY FIRST LANGUAGE!!) Alex Walsh was only a guy, which had an average life, and he like anime, manga, novel, etc. Yet, when he died at 18, he got an offer from God to be his entertainer, but got also the chance to become a God. Watch how his journey to Godhood. First World: Danmachi Second World: MHA 3 chapters/week This is a warning for those new readers that wants to read. This novel is a novel that is written FOR FUN and FOR ME TO IMPROVE MY WRITING SKILL. I was kind of astonished to see a progress in my writing skill, as I compared the very first chapters and the latest ones. So don't expect me to change the whole old chapters. Kind of dumb of me when I wrote the very first chapters. Good day for those who read this!

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