1 Autompne

    Calm, cool and collect I'm here to check

     Everything seems green and lean

     Time for serene scenes

     Mother says to keep things clean

     I pick up the slabs even though I'm drab

     People get glad when I'm around

     My efforts are  forever mound

     Not too hot nor too cold

     Simply bold with a motley glow

     Let me tell you it's quite a show

      Until the snow appears

     That's when all my colors disappear

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The world didn't always have the four seasons, in fact, it was quite different, only Mother Nature and her partner Father Time created the skeletal constructs of the world. Meticulously placing everything right where it belonged; however, Mother grew weary of this. Always looking at the constant green plains she would sit in, the calming and tranquil gusts of wind that would blow past her, while gracefully dancing across her features. Waves of water dashing around in a never-ending battle of the moon's inescapable grasp, clouds sleepy sliding across the skies with no intention of going anywhere else. Sunlight gleaming very radiantly over the curves of each and every corner of the world, it was a constant cycle every day; nonetheless, Mother sought out a new means of dealing with her creations. A way to make things more lively and imaginative, although she required Father for this specific task.

Father was the reason everything had an expiration and made sure nothing overstayed its purpose. He was also the lover of Mother, they and only they alone could bring life or take it. He would watch over the land, while Mother would rest. Keeping the time going constantly he didn't require anything as long as his powers were far greater than hers. As he was taking his stroll, he felt something off. Like a disturbance had arisen yet everything seemed so quiet and peaceful as usual. That was until he stumbled upon Mother stirring up some leaves, gourds and a few other things. "My dear, whatever are you doing? It appears like you have concocted something; it was unlike anything I've ever seen before." (Pure father I am using my imagination to create a new meaning to life, we have spent centuries looking upon the world as it is with nothing to offer. We experience the same thing every day and it never changes. We have humans, their companions that we've bestowed upon them and animals of all kinds. Sun up and moon down we do the same thing, the world is the same. Besides the small changes in time and the minor advancements we've allowed the humans and animals alike, we've no real change. So I'm going to create something that will change the world as we know it, with your help that is.) "Oh, my dear, you have spoken very deeply about this and I don't mind aiding you in this, but you must realize our natural balance will be offset and consequences will be paid. I have glimpsed and seen what our creations will become and do. Please don't heed my words to deeply, because with every glimpse I have seen the inner machinations of each one of them. The first will be the strongest yet will be the shortest of them, bringing the light of life to all, but will remind them to always stay studious and aware. The second will be merciless, unforgiving yet comforting which will teach you strength and resilience. The third will have to be life at its original state, growth will occur and continue to prosper, endless joy and praise shall occur during this reign. The last one will ensue an eternity that will never leave, one's mind will be at ease and life will be at a standstill for quite some time. This specific one will bring on a major change to one's mental psyche and allow them to truly experience the fruits of life for what they truly are. So my dear, in short, I shall aid you in this is but know, you will create your own undoing in the process. I can't say when or how but it will happen at the hands of our own creations." (I realize this and I will heed my sweet if everything you say is true then I'll continue in my work and this will be for the good of all. I'm extremely eager to bring them into this life, particularly after what you depicted to me.)

Time skip

Half a century went on by in that time, and with it came one of the four creations, this one regulated nature in a way neither mother nor father could imagine. He was bold in his actions and truly allowed his thoughts and movements to be heard.

The air grew crisp and leaves gracefully swooned about as a young man no more than the age of your average youth paraded along. As he walked around the color of everything seemed to change from vibrant green to darker shades such as red or a bright yellow and orange on occasions. He sought it as his duty to make sure the world would go through a simple recycling stage as he would call it. In fact, the mother groomed this young man to keep things neat and clean, making sure everything could be in order no matter the condition. As his day continued he keep trying out his new abilities and took it a step further, he made the day cooler and not cold to where one would freeze! Oh no he made it a lovely brisk feeling just the perfect temperature for an evening stroll. He'd keep it that way too and the animals along with humans tend to like this notion. It gave them a certain time frame to map out this specific part of the year.

I have given mother everything she's asked for, no matter the task. The humans have noticed me and they deemed me as one of their deities. Leaving me offerings and calling me Autompne, for what I've not understood yet! They appear to be trivial and dependent beings always seeming to look up to a higher power to give them direction; although I don't care for them as they'd like, I dedicate enough time with them. Day by day they have grown more accustomed to their own lives, advancing in agriculture and civilizations. It pleases me to see them thrive; although I have longed for this since mother never treated me like them.


It was ruffly 45 years ago when we were created, yet it feels like yesterday. She was so different then, yes she was kind to me and the third born; however she was ruthless with the other two. I can say without a doubt that I was possibly the luckiest one.

(Come here, little one Mother wishes to see what you are doing! Now don't try to hide your abilities from me my little crisp.) I-I do apologize, Mother, please don't be displeased with me. *Autompne picks up a leaf and starts to change the color of it. He's shy at first but it goes from a deep green to a light red color.* L-like this Mother? Hm, no quite what I meant but that was lovely too, little crisp show me the change you did. You changed the temperature and the air surrounding us, which in turn affected the animals around us. You've changed their way of thinking, even the human's acting is strange. Now they are preparing to harvest and store their food, somehow you were also able to make the day short, but I'm not sure how. However, it's only when the ending of the year comes. Mother, I don't know how to harness the power yet I will learn if it pleases you. *Mother nature smirks at him* Oh you will crisp, I'll be more than happy to assist you in your time of need.

I'm a little frightened, remember when you taught the others to use their abilities? They were all different afterward and they haven't been the same since those days. My dear crisp, sweet little berry, I'd never do that to you! *She lightly caresses his face and gives him a wolf-like smile.* Their efforts were nothing compared to yours, so a push was needed. Believe me, little one it only made them stronger than what they were before. Now it's your turn to experience a new chapter in your life, you'll be reborn. *She stirred the leaves around in a hurricane-like motion, stirring them until Autompne slowly started to lift off the air. Then she made the air grow tense within the eye of it, making sure he couldn't breathe.* Mother, please don't do this *he starts to cry and attempt to escape with what little power he has left.* It'll be over soon don't fight it crisp, trust me it'll only make it worse. Mother *his eyes changed from hazel brown to pale grey, the leaves start to fly everywhere at a rapid pace. Instead of them being soft and smooth to the touch, they became hardened and sharp like needles. Autompne directed the leaves towards Mother, each one cutting her left and right. She falls to the ground in shock and can barely believe what just happened, just then she was being constricted by the very leaves around here. Leaves around her hands and throat like chains.* I will not suffer the same fate as they did and you will learn to keep you glass words to yourself. Forever transparent and easily broken like the look in your eyes, the other three deserved better. I will allow them that right, we will be free from your reign. *He gave her the most serious look she's ever seen and at that moment she realized he reached a new level of power, without the transformation process. Next thing she knew everything went blank and he was gone. Autompne's eyes went back to normal and he hurriedly rushed to find the others.*

Flashback ends

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