Sealed With Blood Book

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Sealed With Blood


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First thing I have to say is that this is a mix between Contemporary Romance and Fantasy Romance, I just picked Fantasy Romance because it seemed to fit the story more. This is not my cover, all rights go to the creator. •~~~•~~~•~~~•~~~•~~~•~~~•~~~•~~~• This is a story about Emily, a girl who lives on a rather small island with a rather small population where everybody knows everybody and most secrets don't last long as a secret. She is a highschool student that is practically perfect, if someone could be perfect. She is Athletic, Smart, Social, and has a crazy tight group of friends, but an important part about her is she has never ever dated someone. She is straight and finds all the boys in her school idiotic, repulsive, not worth it, unmature, jerks, or just not right for her. So she doesn't bother with dating and she focuses on everything else in her life. But what happens when a mysterious new boy suddenly turn Emily's world around? Will she change and accept it? Will she let her guard down? And most importantly what will she learn about him? When new boy Zach comes into her life things change, that's for sure. But is it for better, or worse? •~~~•~~~•~~~•~~~•~~~•~~~•~~~•~~~• "The most amazing part about him was his mesmerizing eyes.  They were dark, so dark that they could almost be considered black, and they had so much wisdom in them.  You could see emotion in them, though it was almost behind a wall..." "I found it hilarious how every girl was affected by his glance, I mean come on even my friends turned to mush and were memorized by him!" "I feel a strong gaze is on me.  I turn my head and am looking into the eyes of the new boy.  It was mesmerizing, I could feel his eyes practically staring into my very soul and I felt deeply drawn to him and those eyes....." "To my surprise, he gave a little smirk then, as if having found what he was looking for, he walked over to the bleachers and sat down surrounded by his *followers*.