Sealed Fate: Love Found and Lost
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Sealed Fate: Love Found and Lost


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What is Sealed Fate: Love Found and Lost

Sealed Fate: Love Found and Lost is a popular web novel written by the author itslikeametaphor, covering ROMANCE, R18, COMEDY, MODERN, LOVE, CEO, STRONGFEMALELEAD, HEARTBREAK, CONTEMPARYROMANCE, LOVEHATE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 48K readers with an average rating of 4.87/5 and 41 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 35 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


WPC Winner #159 (Bronze Tier) || DAILY UPDATES "In my head, I knew this wasn't right, but every other fiber of my being screamed otherwise. Our breaths mingled together as our tongues conversed passionately with each other. Had it not been for Jordan's solid grip on my waist, I wouldn't have been able to hold myself up because of how weak my knees felt. He moved his lips from my lips to the hollow portion on my neck and a moan escaped my mouth. If it was the alcohol or the absolute fatal attraction that I had felt for him since the moment we met, I didn't know. All I knew was that this felt euphoric. It felt right and I wanted to feel like this some more." ____________________________________________________ When Skylar Rose lands a job to write a magazine about the infamous playboy of the business world-- Jordan Parker, there is instant attraction. Jordan is obnoxious, selfish, a certified lothario and just insufferable to sum it up. But with looks like his, who cares, right? Skylar cares. While the very presence of Jordan in a room makes her brain go wild with the hormones, the moment he opens his mouth all of Skylar's energy goes into not slapping that mouth off his pretty face. So when an impromptu dinner date goes wrong in ways no one could ever imagine, Jordan finds himself in a bit of crisis and it seems like Skylar is his only way out. Leaving her no choice but to agree to his cause; Jordan entraps Skylar to form a PACT. One that will give them both what they want. Jordan can finally get his mother and her attempts at getting him married, off his back and Skylar will get the unfiltered details of Jordan's journey into the business world. All she has to do is pretend to be his girlfriend. Skylar agrees, but on one condition: what transpired on his balcony that night can never happen again. Easy enough? But life never goes how it's planned, does it? Feelings. Desires. Lust. All find their way into the crack of their hearts. Burdened with a secret of hers, which she plans to carry to her grave, Skylar can no longer stay. So she vanishes in thin air leaving Jordan nothing but pieces of his broken heart and memories he wishes to now erase. He swears to never let anyone in again. But months later he finds a journal, Skylar's journal, which has the answers to all his questions and so he embarks upon a journey to find Skylar and get the closure that he deserves. Will he find the answers he's looking for? Or will an even unimaginable secret unearth itself in front of him? ----------------- THE COVER PHOTO BELONGS TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER. It is not my original creation.

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It's actually a really funny and cute story. You've done a really good job with your writing quality. Your grammar, spelling and punctuation are excellent. Your story development is also really good. You started in the future, then went back in time, which is really good. It makes the story interesting. Your character design is also quite good. I like your female lead. She's funny.


F.a.s.c.i.n.a.t.i.n.g and very well written book. Beautifully written story and characters. Dazzling five stars for author's style of writing as I like it a lot. Author is great with her choice of words and her style in structuring sentence. Her writing is cool and she is very great in writing the dialogue. You could feel the characters through their interaction which is written in fresh and unique style. I find the writing here is up to professional standard as throughout the story you will find little to no mistake in grammar. This book is extremely comfortable to read, way above most of webnovels. Writing wise, story wise, characters wise, female lead wise, humour wise. All rightly deserve perfect five stars. The way author introduced and explained things is good. Story development has been good so far, the anticipation and guessing keeps me at the edge every time. The story is filled with emotions and feelings that are portrayed well. I've read a lot of webnovels and this book is among top list that I could find myself so immerse with the story. Believe me this author is really talented and creative writer. Please if you could keep your regular updates I could see there will be a time for this book to get well recognised. Very promising book. I'm not trying to be cheesy here but it's my honest review of this book as I genuinely like this book. My appreciation for good quality book. The bad: It's hard to find flaw in this book really, as this book is almost flawless. From writing, story, characters and everything is good. So I could only pointed out it personal. Personally, so far I find it hard to like Jordan, I don't know why but don't get me wrong his character is interesting, again it's my personal opinion. Cover is not good enough for a story as good as this. And the last, it's shame to say but the level of writing in this book (for me personally as a writer) is discouraging. I mean, writing wise, this book is great to the point I ask myself, why do I write. I wish I could write like this someday, well don't mind me. Again, the writing is what I like most in this book. However, I got bad omen regarding the direction of the story is heading, knowing the future in the first chapter and from the title. I mean look at the title: Love FOUND and LOST. not LOST AND FOUND. it could be just my feeling, I hope the story ends on happy note, for Rosemary and Mr Parker. It's truly great reading experience! Best luck for you!


KAWAII~~ How cute!, its breathtaking, just wow, I kept reading and reading and reading... like no tomorrow, The story is well developed, the characters expressions can be felt through the screen, I recommend this book to others, Its beautiful! Keep up the great work Author! Kudos to you!


Wow, amazing title & unique storyline...I read the initial chapters and it dived me deeply into the story...Well portrayed main characters...The author's writing style is well written...I hope the story ends on a happy note...added it to my library...Excellent work, Author!


This is really beautiful, Wow. I just couldn’t stop reading. The storyline is well developed, the characters are so relatable, the world background is exceptional. There’s absolutely no fault in the story. It is a good definition of PERFECT. Keep it up,author . You definitely have a fan now😉😉😊😊


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


I feel like... I just read a script for a future drama. The novel is in POVs and you get the idea of how each character feels and thinks. I like how the author writes dialogues and made it realistic. Only thing I would suggest is to reread and fix some pronouns and sentence structures. If you are looking for the next drama, miscommunication, heartache, and love- READ THIS BOOK!


I love how this book is everything! It's funny, it's intense, the plot is thickening, and it's super easy to read. Your writing witty. I like it [img=update]


What a good read! The main characters are fleshed out nicely, the writing is of good quality and there's lots of humor sprinkled into it. I can totally recommend this to anyone interested in fiery relationships! :D Good job author, keep it up.


this is me shamelessly reviewing my own work LOL pls read my book guys!! I'm sure you'll find it worth your while [img=recommend][img=recommend]


I always like the story where ML is a playboy, and soon he falls in love with the FL. This story is one of my favorite genres, and I started reading out this one casually. After a couple of chapters, I got hooked up with the book. I am looking forward to reading more.


Amazing storyline, you did a great job over there. Keep me notified and hope you'll maintain this amazing job. Keep up author!!


I really like how this book started and how it's going ahead. The first scene between the main leads was fire!!! Hope you continue the work[img=update]


Oh, my! I really love it, I feel every emotion, my poor eyes! Well, I'll just leave this review here, and back to read! My dear Author keep going! I found another gem! I'm excited!


If you have read the synopsis, dive into the story! it's a good one for sure! The character are too cute! and also realistic. Do give it a read! ❤️❤️


Must say that the author has made a great effort to make such a master piece... The cover of the book is very eye catching.. love it ❣️💞💥 Best of luck


Such a promising premise on the synopsis and how the title speaks itself will let you know what really will happen throughout the story. And that's how I like you conveyed everything in the very sense. It's really different from the way you write, and you are so great! Do a good job on continuing this masterpiece!


first of all, a stunning cover you have there. I thought this book would be very much a drama. well, I really shouldn't judge by its cover. I've read a view chapter and it's a really good story. Got the romance, comedy part, and I think all part of the tags is portrayed really well. The story is relatable for me as well and it is very easy to accept. Great work, Author!!


Love wrecks you. Love kills you. Love shatters you. Although you know the truth about what love would do to you, you still fall in love. Hard and deep. Skylar and Jordan's story is story of love,pain a me finding the real them. Skylar had to let go of her past and win ever battle with the ugly secrets that are rearing its ugly head again. A pact went right or wrong only the lord knows but it gave Jordan a reason ie. Skylar. But Skylar departure shattered him.... I know the truth of the story, I know it will wreck me and leave me a crying mess though there is loads of comedy but emotions hit home especially when some one leaves without any reasons and a goodbye . I'm not crying you are. 😭


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