Sealed Fate: Love Found and Lost Book

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Sealed Fate: Love Found and Lost


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"In my head, I knew this wasn't right, but every other fiber of my being screamed otherwise. Our breaths mingled together as our tongues conversed passionately with each other. Had it not been for Jordan's solid grip on my waist, I wouldn't have been able to hold myself up because of how weak my knees felt. He moved his lips from my lips to the hollow portion on my neck and a moan escaped my mouth. If it was the alcohol or the absolute fatal attraction that I had felt for him since the moment we met, I didn't know. All I knew was that this felt euphoric. It felt right and I wanted to feel like this some more." ____________________________________________________ When Skylar Rose lands a job to write a magazine about the infamous playboy of the business world-- Jordan Parker, there is instant attraction. Jordan is obnoxious, selfish, a certified lothario and just insufferable to sum it up. But with looks like his, who cares, right? Skylar cares. While the very presence of Jordan in a room makes her brain go wild with the hormones, the moment he opens his mouth all of Skylar's energy goes into not slapping that mouth off his pretty face. So when an impromptu dinner date goes wrong in ways no one could ever imagine, Jordan finds himself in a bit of crisis and it seems like Skylar is his only way out. Leaving her no choice but to agree to his cause; Jordan entraps Skylar to form a PACT. One that will give them both what they want. Jordan can finally get his mother and her attempts at getting him married, off his back and Skylar will get the unfiltered details of Jordan's journey into the business world. All she has to do is pretend to be his girlfriend. Skylar agrees, but on one condition: what transpired on his balcony that night can never happen again. Easy enough? But life never goes how it's planned, does it? Feelings. Desires. Lust. All find their way into the crack of their hearts. Burdened with a secret of hers, which she plans to carry to her grave, Skylar can no longer stay. So she vanishes in thin air leaving Jordan nothing but pieces of his broken heart and memories he wishes to now erase. He swears to never let anyone in again. But months later he finds a journal, Skylar's journal, which has the answers to all his questions and so he embarks upon a journey to find Skylar and get the closure that he deserves. Will he find the answers he's looking for? Or will an even unimaginable secret unearth itself in front of him? ----------------- WPC Winner #159 (Bronze Tier) || DAILY UPDATES **SLOW BURN** THIS STORY IS MY ORIGINAL CREATION. THE COVER PHOTO BELONGS TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER. It is not my original creation.


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