2 The God Of Cells (02)



[Master your awakening is about to start in 2 seconds]



At the speed of lightning a horrible pain starts to scream in my entire body.

"Arg ..." Moans of pain ....

My body feels an inner blow as if something from the inside is struggling hard to get out.

"Aaaaarg ..." Moans of pain ....

My body will start to sound like a piece of cheese on a hot plate ... Even though I am lying down I feel my head spinning as if it wants to split in half, but for a strange reason I feel something running through my veins ..

Suddenly in my mind I hear a robotic voice.

[Generating random skills] Loading ....

[Generating random skills] Loading ....

[Generating random skills] Loading ....

[Generating random skills] Loading .... Success!

The moment this cold voice said the word "Success". My vision totally darkened and the time seemed to be stopped, 1 second turned into 1 hour and 1 hour turned into 1 day and one day turned into 1 year ..,

My conscience started to fade from my mind and after a few minutes of tortures that felt like years my body started to bleed and the voice again sounded in my head before completely erasing everything.

[Successfully generated skill]

[The God Of cells .....

<------------------------------------------------- ------->

Long afterwards ..

Panting agreement.

Everything hurts. As if they had thrown me into a washing machine.

I open my panting eyes and whisper to my watch .. "How old am I lying in this bed ?? ... With the cold voice of all robots he answers me." Sir, your awakening has occurred correctly, your heartbeat has gone up by a brief moment, but after a few moments it stabilized.

Showing fear in my voice saying .. "Are you sure that this suffering lasted only a few moments ?? .. Without wasting time he says." Yes, my lord I am absolutely sure that everything went smoothly and only lasted a few seconds.

After hearing confirmation from the robot I whisper to myself. "What a strange thing, it felt like my pain was going on for years I almost thought about committing suicide for the pain to end .. But it seems that the answer to that is that I am not used to suffering and I have always lived in comfort so this pain was excruciating and it almost made me go crazy.

"[The God Of Cells In Blood]"

Suddenly I see some strange letters appear inside my head ... "Wait! I finally made it .... AHAHAHAHA with a faint smile in my mouth I whisper with difficulties for myself." The pain of awakening was so terrible that it made me until I forget my new awakened ability.

"[The God Of Cells in Blood]"

[Skill description] = You have absolute control and ease of learning about all the cells in the universe ... [Locked]

Now you can freely copy any cell in the universe. [Blocked]

You can multiply this particular cell at an absurd speed by creating a small cell structure and thus creating or copying or adding whatever you want to anything in this universe as long as you have cells. [Blocked]

*WHAT? ???????????????????????????????????????

"Ting!" Ting! "Ting!" Ting!

"The host's heart rate increased by 100% ... Adrenaline increased by 100% in the host's body .. [ALERT] = The host is suffering a massive attack on his heart.

We call fulminant infarction the one that causes the patient's death before there is time for medical care, that is, the patient dies before reaching the hospital. About 15% of infarctions manifest themselves with sudden death, giving no chance to the patient. Fortunately, the other 85% manage to get to the hospital on time.

Infarction can cause sudden death in two ways: the heart can stop functioning because it has suffered necrosis over an extensive area of ​​your muscle or because a malignant arrhythmia has arisen.

[ALERT] = The host is suffering a massive attack on your heart.

[Dialing to "Hospital CÉZIO-9986!]

"Ting ...

"Ting ...

"Ting ...

"Hospital CÉZIO-9986! Good night, how can I help you ???? on the other side a female voice answered. With a robotic and cold voice the artificial intelligence of my watch responds." My Lord is suffering a terrible fulminant heart attack, for please come as soon as possible.

[Sending coordinate in 1 .. 2 .. 3 ..]

[Coordinates successfully sent]

Before celebrating the awakening of my ability I feel my heart ache .. My mouth begins to fill with blood the taste of iron will start to appear in my throat, I feel a horrible tightness in my chest. I take my right hand on my chest and press it against my shirt trying to lessen the feeling of suffocation, but in vain is my vision blackened again.


After some unknown time ...

I open my eyes, everything around me is white .. Right now I'm lying in a hospital-looking bed. I can see several technological devices connected to each part of my chest, some of them are connected directly to my heart. I can feel some needles piercing my body.


Beside the bed I can see a type of machine that makes some annoying little noises measuring my heartbeat.


Looking to the side and to the other I realize that I really am in a hospital. After looking at the small white room where I am lying on a soft and pleasant bed, in the left corner I can see a large almost transparent portal, on the other side I can see clearly see people dressed in white coats walking this way and that, some with some kind of clipboards in their hands.

After looking a little to the right, I can see an open window. And this window shows that I am in a very high place.

From a distance I can see the blue sky and the big yellow sun lightening my little world .. the weather outside these walls must be very hot, with a medium temperature of about 35 degrees.

[Calculating ....... Success]

Suddenly says a robotic voice similar to my watch.

[Generating results of the cardiovascular accident]

[Generating results of cardiovascular accident ... 100%]

[Result] = [You are destined to be paralyzed in a bed forever, because in order to save your life, doctors had to use drugs with high risks of side effects from suspicious sources, since your bank account doesn't have a single one unity]


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