1 The God Of Cells (01)

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On my wrist I can see a beautiful technological watch that my father bought for me. This clock allows me to have access to the internet of all the planets that are evolved in outer space, For you to understand a little of what I am talking about I will explain better how it all started ...

In October 2021 the world turned upside down ... Everything was strange! All the people in the world started to gain powers and magical creatures started to appear in reality, this event was marked as the Magical apocalypse. And with these new discoveries the world has obviously collapsed!

After a few centuries of resource wars. After big corporations tried to take over the world and monopolize everything, obviously we who are normal civilians simply almost became slaves to other magical races.

However, not everything is bad, I am 19 years old, that is, it will be today at 12:00, at which point my powers will awaken. And I wish my powers to be something absurd, such as having access to the acceleration force equal to the flash of the comics that used to be very famous.

To have super speed this would be magnificent I could be practically invincible .. With the power of speed practically everything would be possible. But the way my family died and with my girlfriend gone, I realize that I am very unlucky.

My missing girlfriend was lucky enough to awaken a God-Level skill, since then I am alone .. However I cannot be sad I know that one day I will find this girl and I will get her pregnant because she promised me that she would have children with me, and promise is forever.


[On another planet]

"Atchim .. After sneezing for a few seconds, a woman sitting on a golden throne smiles to herself and says," I can't believe that divine-level martial cultivator is still thinking about me. I will definitely kill him the next time I meet him.


I know that the tide of bad luck is already ending and when I awaken my ability I will be the next man to leave this planet forgotten by God .. Speaking of planet at this very moment, I am living in Brazil, Compared to other countries we are lucky that when over time some here in Brazil have achieved the supreme ability to "steal items" ...

However, for some strange reason, this skill was only awakening in people who were born in Rio de Janeiro, which is one of the best known cities in Brazil today, And to make my situation worse, I am from the countryside of Rio de Janeiro and I don't even want a skill to steal items .. I really want some power that allows me to fly .. Or something like releasing lightning bolts of energy through my hands .. I want something big!

Suddenly my pulse starts to vibrate ..

"Ting ....." Ting ..... "Ting .....

With a robotic voice the artificial intelligence of my little technological clock says. "There are 59 minutes and 59 seconds left for my lord to awaken his ability and according to the health protocol I recommend that the master lie on his bed so that his awakening is not something violent.

After hearing the words on my watch without wasting time I head towards my room .. I go up the stairs one step at a time, and then I turn on the right corner and right in front of me I can see the door to my room.

I approach and turn the handle that makes a noise that symbolizes that the door is now unlocked, I push it back and it opens easily after entering my small room and I turn down and close the door handle again.

After locking the door, I look everywhere and I can see that my room is impeccably tidy ... After the rich and powerful people started immigrating in masses to other planets this world has become half empty, now even a mandingo can having a luxury mansion in new york.

And that is bad because my girlfriend who one day I will get her pregnant went to another planet when she awoke her divine ability .. I looked her in the eye and she said to me with all the words in her mouth. "Yes, my love, I LOVE YOU! And one day we will have children, But now I realize that maybe she has forgotten these promises ..

Ignoring the weighs in my head, there really is a place for everything and everything is in its place. There are notebooks stacked in a corner of the bench, along with some tools, hexagonal clamps and folded diagrams. Everything meticulously organized.

Yesterday's lunch - cheese bread, dried fruit - remains untouched and wrapped next to the tools. There is a small metallurgical forge ingeniously mounted on the wall. The smoke is carried to the roof by an intricate set of iron pipes. In the center of the table, there is a wooden box with a device that he took several years to build, using the diagrams engraved on the rolls of paraffin paper that he hides under the mattress.

With magical and supernatural things going on, the only way to make money on this planet without risking my life is to build things for those who can still afford these small magical and obviously homemade objects.

My father was a great chemist and his passion for chemistry infected me and like him I also wanted to be a great chemist. However in this current world I see no reason in chemistry because to create some chemical weapon I need a laboratory and many resources and in this violent world is not worth risking my life only in the end to be able to separate some atoms and protons from each other, in other words, all this is useless in the end.

I take a deep breath and feel the air entering my nostrils and if someone looks from afar they can see that smoke is coming out of my head .. What is the use of thinking so much, since it will be almost impossible for my new skill to be something about science or chemistry.

With my head tired of thinking so much ... I fall numbly on the bed that is a few meters in front of me, Without taking off my shoes, I lie down like a fruit that just fell from the tree, I will certainly only wake up tomorrow afternoon.

With my tired voice I whisper to my watch. "When my skill awakens and something strange starts to happen, for example my house catches fire or everything turns to sand I want you to lift me up as soon as possible.

"Ting ....." Ting ..... "Ting .....

[Alarm] = [activated]

"I will be watching you master! - replied the small artificial intelligence with the coldness of a grave.


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