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Science Fiction/Magical Realism Part 1- Road to Antoinerei Part 2- Eruditio's Downfall Part 3- For the Empire Warning! Introduction for Vol.2 and Vol.3 is down in the Sypnosis! Spoilers Alert! Vol.1 Introduction: John Gossen Paxley, a.k.a. Gusion has been staying in the Land of Dawn for more than a year now. During his journey, he met Lesley Vance, a beautiful but deadly sniper who became his best friend. One day Gusion recieves a letter from Layla Malefic, an old friend of his during his days in the Mage Academy. She wants to see Gusion in the city of Antoinerei, far far away from the Moniyan Empire.The letter had no reason why he was sent there. To reach the great city of Antoinerei in the north, Gusion and his partner Lesley have to travel through the Dark Forest, home of deadly wolves and creatures. Legend tells this was home to the Wolf King, Pale Tusk, responsible for hundreds of deaths in this very forest. Alucard, one of Gusion's friends tags along to find a man named Roger. In the forest he meets a little girl who saves their lives. He plans to take the girl with him for her own safety. Join Gusion, Alucard and Lesley as they head to Antoinerei, but for what, and why? SPOILERS ALERT! Vol.2 Introduction After reaching Eruditio with the abandoned train, the city of Scholars didn't seem the way they thought it would be. Murdering, drugs, and other crimes have been legalized in the region. It turns out Selena has taken over the entire city, where she has hacked control of all access to security, and government. People are killing each other, in war for food, supplies, and survival. Gusion and his party need to find Dr. Rooney and Commander Yi-Sun Shin. Other people has heard of the Twilight Orb in Gusion's hands, and now, he is targeted by many. With bloodsheds raining and bullets chasing him down, can he and his party survive? SPOILERS ALERT!!! Vol. 3 Introduction After going home to the Moniyan Empire, King Tigreal plans to save Eruditio from the hands of Selena. With the forces of Antoinerei with them, and with the blessing of the Twilight Goddess, the Moniyan army and the heroes grow significantly stronger. All the heroes would shout "For the Moniyan Empire! For the Kingdom of Light!". Will they prevail? Will the united heroes truly stand as one?