Script Writing System In Modern Family

An ordinary young adult of the age 20, Ryan was reborn in the modern family universe. His cheat allowed him access to ready-made scripts for movies and tv shows as long as he participated in the modern family plot. He could get system points through which he could buy scripts. Not to mention that although he was born into a relatively wealthy family, the system will also provided him with a minimum wage, which would automatically improves as his net worth increases. With so many ways of making money, Ryan decided he didn't want to be ordinary in this life and walked down the path of a legendary scriptwriter.

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Chapter 41: Who To Sell To?

This sudden gain of 90,000 couldn't help but make Ryan get excited. With the addition of this ninety grand, his points tally came to 177,180

Ryan could finally purchase Men In Black and proceeded during the car ride back home. With this purchase, Ryan now had three works in his hand.

He had also finished writing both Mr. Bean seasons and the Aliens movie. So these points couldn't have come at a better time.

While thinking about who he should hand over his scripts to. In his mind, Ryan decided to rule out Warner and Fox altogether.

The reason for this was simple he didn't wanna be biased toward any of the big six, as he planned to build a good relationship with all of them.

Why, you ask? First, he didn't wanna be targeted by any of the big six.

Second, if he had a good relationship with them, releasing their stuff on his streaming platform would be easier.

Ryan also didn't want any unforeseen changes due to rivalry with a big six company.

For example, the online streaming world was almost a decade behind one of the big six still launched a streaming platform just to take the piss.

Ryan couldn't do anything if such a thing happened, plus with better resources, that platform would easily crush his.

He didn't want such type of shenanigans to happen to him, and he knew this would indeed happen if he didn't equally distribute his works.

They would quickly get jealous if he favored even one of the big six more than the others.

Reader - "What nonsense? Why would big companies like the big six even care if Ryan sold more of his works to someone else."

Author - "You see, the problem isn't that Ryan sells more to one of the big six. The problem is that Ryan's works make tremendous heaps of money."

"So eventually, if he favors one company, they would end up getting more market share leading to disputes."

Reader - "I see, so the big six will have a hate-and-love-Ryan relationship in the future. As all his movies will always cause losses to its competitors."

Author - "That's right, so if you are producing Ryan's work, you love him, but if you are competing with Ryan's work, you will hate him."

Reader - "I see."

Author - "All right now that I have answered your question, it's time."

Reader - "For what?"

Author - "Your demise."

The Author rolls his hands toward the floor, and a knife slides down from inside his hoodie.

Reader - "No, not this again."

The reader starts running away from the Author.

The Author smiles like the statue in solo Leveling and throws the knife in his hands.

The knife then flies as if it has locked onto the reader. In the end, it stabs the reader from behind.

The reader collapses on the ground and bleeds out to death.

The Author looks right into the camera and right at you and says, "I hate readers who ask annoying questions the most."

Meanwhile, away from the action, Ryan has just reached home.

He headed upstairs to check up on how his mom was doing.

Amanda - "Congrats on the win."

Ryan - "How did you know that I won?"

Amanda - "I might not have gone to the match due to my fever, but I have my ways."

Ryan - "Such as?"

Amanda - "You see, I had someone record the match for me. So that I can watch it later on."

"She called me after the match and told me you won."

Ryan - "Who is this she?"

Amanda - "Trade secret. I can't just leak it."

Ryan touches his mother's forehead and asks - "I see. Anyways how are you doing? Is the fever still there?"

Amanda - "Still there, but it's much lighter now."

Ryan - "Well, good. Take care. If you need me, just drop me a text. I will be in my room."

Amanda - "All right."

Ryan returned to his room and started searching for the various other TV networks. After all, he might know some things, but Ryan wasn't an all-knowing being. At times googling was still required.

He checked out a list of the top 10 most popular TV networks.

On this list, he saw ABC is owned by Disney, and CBS is owned by Paramount.

He immediately ruled out Disney and planned to sell his works to Paramount.

It was for a simple reason when Ryan heads for negotiation, he doesn't go there with one work but with two. Meaning he would sell Mr. Bean and Aliens together.

This made him rule out Disney cause they don't produce R-rated movies.

Paramount would also know his name due to Tom Cruise and know that his works are high quality.

Now that he had decided, Ryan needed to ask his father to arrange a meeting with Paramount executives.

Ryan picked up the landline and called Nathan's office.

Ryan - "Hi."

Nathan - "Hi Ryan, how was the match?"

Ryan - "It was great. I even broke some league records."

Nathan - "Really? Now I am going to regret not taking a leave."

Ryan - "Don't worry, mom had someone record it."

Nathan - "Oh good, let's watch it together when I come back."

Ryan - "All right."

Nathan - "So is that it? Or is there something more?"

Ryan - "Oh yes, I almost forgot. Can you help me arrange a meeting with Paramount studios?"

Nathan - "Oh, a new work?"

Ryan - "Yes, a Comedy show and sci-fi movie."

Nathan - "You wrote a Comedy?"

Ryan - "Yeah."

Nathan - "Oh, I would love to take a look. Email me right away."

Ryan - "All right, will do so. Okay then, bye, see you soon."

Nathan - "Bye."

Ryan then emailed both his works to Nathan and took a nap.

As he was exhausted after playing a fantastic match of basketball.

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