10 Old Friends

In an Inn,

Yu Lie was sitting on a bed, preparing for tomorrow morning,

"The Shop Uncle told me to be safe when I head towards the auction, I've bought a mask to cover my face and a different clothing set for tomorrow. I'll study the Camouflage Art and hopefully by tomorrow morning I can gain some inside in hiding my cultivation. This should be enough for tomorrow"

The Camouflage Art was a cultivation art, that hid a person's cultivation! Unless a person is at the mid or above the Sky realm, they wouldn't be able to see Yu Lie cultivation! For the rest of the night, Yu Lie spent his entire time on learning the Camouflage Art.

Early next morning, Yu lie stood in a line at the entrance of the Jupiter City Bank, waiting for his turn.

"Good Morning, young Sir, How may I help you today?" In front of one of bank counters, a cute and gentle voice call Yu lie over. The girl looks to be in the mid-20s as she looked towards Yu Lie with an smile.

"Hello, I was hoping to open a bank account this morning"

"Ok, no problem. To register for a account, we charge a signing fees of 25 soul stones and after this we take 5 soul stone per month as payment"

"Um, you see I do not have 25 soul stone's at this moment, is there any other way I may get an account?

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Yu Lie was truly astonished by the asking price to open an account, 25 Soul Stone! Was an amount he couldn't afford. For example, the yearly income of Stone Village was 20 Soul Stones!

Soul Stones and Silver were the two currencies used, Silver was mostly used by commoners or low level warriors, while soul stones were used by the powerful! A 100 silver equaled 1 Soul Stone

"Oh, that fine! Once you've created an account you have the entire first month to pay the 25 soul stones, After….

"Oh, If it isn't brother Yu!"

After hearing this Voice, Yu Lie Knew exactly who this voiced belonged to, His good Friend Lee Jon! Not to his Surprise, he saw a fat figure rushing towards him.

"Good brother Lee, It's good to see you again, how have you been?"

"I'm doing well, But, what are you doing here in Jupiter City, and you bastard you left aura City without telling me!"

"Hahaha, Brother Lee I humbly do apologize for not looking for you when I was leaving. I'm actually hear today to an open a bank account"

"Ok, my brother" Lee Jon, turned to look at the the bank tell and asked her to make Yu Lie a bank account free of Charge!

"Here you go, Young Master Lie, this is your copper bank I.d card anytime you wish to make a deposit or withdraw have this card ready" after seeing that Lee Jon was good brothers with Yu Lie, the Young Bank teller became more gentle and nicer.

"Brother Lee, this is too much, I promised the banker that I'll pay her the 25 soul stone by the end of the Month"

"Don't worry about it, anyways did you Know that Goddess Liane is here in Jupiter City?

"Goddess Liane? Why are people calling her a Goddess?

"You serious Brother! Liane Blythe is one of the 4 beauties in our Iron continent and she is ranked first out of the four in appearance and talent" happily explained Lee Jon.

"Hahaha, How could that Tom Boy become one of the Four Beauties" Unknown to Yu Lie, Lee Jon's expression changed into a weird expression right after Yu said That. Right after that a Gentle but, Cold Voice came Behind them, the general Direction Lee Jon was Looking at!

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