16 Core Creation and Nether Destruction Art

A Month had gone By, in the Volcano no sound or movement were seen or heard.

Suddenly, Yu Lie open his eyes, if one was to look at his eyes at this moment they would discover that his eyes did not have the same immature nature they once had, They were more mature and dignified.

" Not only did i successfully succeed with re birthing my body, I've also broken into the core creation in One go! Now that i have broken to to the intermediate level of core creation, i should be able to call upon the powers of Heaven and Earth! Umm, how should i do that maybe ill ask Uncle Peng Long" With that Yu Lie rushed out and went looking for Peng Long.

" Umm, you've broken through?" sitting at the front of the entrance, Peng Long looked Surprised. Breaking into a new realm, was not easy, it would take a few months to a year for someone to break from the body transformation realm into the Core creation! Yet in front him stood a human brat that only took only one month to break through, This was only heard in ancient histories!

" Yup, i've broken though, Uncle Peng, i know that once I've reached the core Creation i can call upon the the energies of heavan and earth, how do i do this"

at first Peng Long did not Yu Lie anything, but do to the Slave Contract he was forced. He told Yu Lie that for him to call upon, the enrgies he would need another cultivation method designed towards these energies.

Yu Lie went back into the volcano and set there for two more days

" This is the one!" for the past two days, Yu Lie had gone back into his library and constantly searched for method he liked. Finally he found one of the strongest method, The Nether destruction Art! This Art only had three stages in them, But each stage was difficult! The first stage had him incorporate the energies of Fire, Earth, Water and wind. Once he has compete incorporated these energy, he could move into the next stage, this stage resulted in the fusion of the four energies and finally the fusion of these energies, become a different source of energy, called nether energy or energy of Destruction! Out of all of the stages, the 3 stage was the strongest and most feared!

" For me to call upon these energies, my soul must abandon my body and become one with Heaven and Earth's Energies" Yu Lie closed his eyes and started reading few incarnation from the Nether Destruction art.

In a different world, not seen by the eye. A soul was cultivation, near the soul a spark were ongoing, these sparks were everywhere near him. If one looked closed, a few stands of earth's crust started to appear next to the Soul as well.

" I felt it!" excitedly Yu Lie opened his eyes " I felt the Sparks of Fire, as well as bit of the earth"

Without waiting, Yu Lie got to his feet and poured his full focus to his right paw, in a few minutes a spark occurred. The small spark eventually, turned into a fist size fire and than it slowly died down. The odd thing about this fire was that it was different, this fire had two colors, one side was pure dark/Black and the other Side was Blood red. Another odd thing was that Yu Lie felt lighting stands flowing through the fire.

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After wondering about the fire, Yu Lie decided to head back to the village. Once he got back, everyone was surprised, for the entire night the Villagers empties out every single bottom of Wine, Rum and Beer in the village. There village finally had a Core Creation Realm Warrior!

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