7 Chapter 7 Training

While explaining everything that occurred on there trip, the three family members walked along the stone road towards the house's entrance.

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At the front of the entrance, there was a woman with a simile on her facing, waiting for them.

" Both of you didn't forget about me, did You" Gently replied Snow Lie

" Mother, if both Father and Brother forget about you, they would have felt the rage and anger of this once called Xiao Lie!" Smirked Xiao

" Dear how can i forget about the most beautiful woman! Right Little Yu, how can we forget about your mother"

" Yes mother how can we forget about you!" Little Yu went up to his mother and gently gave her Hug.

" OK, I've prepared you food, come eat".

While eating, for one full hour, Yu Lie explained everything that happened in aura city and also on the carriage ride

" What Aura City is that Magnificent? and these horse were much larger, stronger and Faster! Oh, i want to go to Aura City too" Yelled excitedly Xiao Lie

On the Table, out of the four family members, Xiao Lie was the Most excited. She kept on asking question about their trip.

" Ah, Honey good news occurred while both of you were gone, the Village warriors found two grade 3 desolate beasts fighting each other a few days ago, Luckily for them both of the beasts were tired an at the edge of death. So, the warriors were able to kill them, without any issue and they gave an entire batch of blood of one of the beast for Little Yu to use"

" Excellent, Excellent. Excellent! Little Yu tomorrow morning head out to the storage and don;t forget to thanks the villagers" Excitedly replies his Father, the excitement could be seen on his face and how to repeated excellent 3 times.

Getting a full batch of blood from grade 3 desolate beast was huge, a grade 3 desolate Beast was equivalent to peak body transformation stage! To be able to kill this beast was not easy, even thought the village had many peak warrior, killing an desolate beast had a lot of dangerous, first a beast drawn to the edge would become crazy and Second beast were always much stronger than Human Beings, so if a level 7 body transformation warrior fought a grade 3 desolate beast, the edge would go to the beast itself.

"Ok, Father i will do that in the morning, i'm really tired from this trip, i'm heading to my room" replied Yu Lie has he headed to his room.

The room was quite small. The wall, the dresser, the seats, the bed, all of them were carved from Wood and animal skin. Atop the bed was a six or seven meter long enormous beast fur, with the fur hanging down to the floor.

" This is really good, able to get Blood from an grade 3 beast will allow me to reach the peak of the body transformation, Than i can train by body father by using the Earth-Fire Inferno Body Technique.

The Earth- Fire Body Technique was not a cultivation method, but a one time method that's infused with blood, earth and fire to make once's body, skin, and internal organism stronger! This was an Heaven Tier skill, that Yu Lie discover in his Library.

There were a few other similar techniques, available to Him, But the Earth-Fire Inferno Body techniques required oneself to train in a volcano once they have reached the 7 level of Body- transformation. Luckily for Yu Lie, stone village had an active volcano near it.

Early next Morning, Yu Lie rushed out of his Bed and went straight to the village storage. Along the way he thanked every single person he saw.

" Aunt Ma, Uncle li and Cousin Ju Thank You....."

Finally arrive at the storage, Yu Lie took the Full batch of blood back home.

Since Ancient times, the best possible way for one to train there bodies, was to bath in the blood of power beast! using their cultivation methods, one would absorb nutrients from the blood to make there bodies stronger.

For the Next 6 Months, Yu Lie Used the Chaos Heaven Scriptor and the grade 3 desolate beast's blood, to reach the peak of the Body transformation.

This was a miracle in the village, most of the villager's believed that the Blood of the desolate beast was special, But Yu Lie knew that it wasn't the blood, but instead it was the Chaos Heaven Scriptor, while training Yu Lie started to notice that the Chaos Heaven Scripter, started to purify the blood, increasing the effects of the Blood on his Body!

This Method was much better than the method that has been used by the village, the Prime Body technique. If Yu Lie has continued to use this technique, it would have taken 6 to 8 years just to reach the peak of Body formation. But, with the Chaos Heaven Scriptor, it took 6 months.

Later that Night

Yu Lie was in his room, going over the Earth- Fire inferno Body Technique. " Dam it, For me to get the full potential of this technique, I need infuse with Blood of a strong beast , at least a grade 6 desolate beast"

A grade 6 desolate beast was equivalent to a peak Core Creation Warrior.

Pondering to himself, Yu Lie asked himself, Where can i get blood of such a strong beast....... Ah! the Valleys of Beast!.

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